Rehydr8 Water Filter And Chiller System

This is one of the coolest water filters we have ever laid our eyes upon, but unfortunately for us, this is but a concept at this point in time. Known as the Rehydr8, it was specially designed to reduce the consumption of disposable water bottles while promoting the benefits of filtered tap water. The chiller segment will rely on thermoacoustic refrigeration technology, which in essence, uses sound waves to create pressure and environmentally friendly gases that results in a cool surrounding temperature. Two reusable bottles made from durable and translucent polycarbonate will come with each Rehydr8 appliance. Individual bottles boast an integrated and powerless thermometer which is made from thermochromic plastic, and is able to display the water’s temperature. One thing’s for sure though – office gossip will continue to revolve around the Rehydr8 if it ever rolls off the manufacturing line.

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