The iPhone might be one of the most popular mobile gaming platform but it is fair to say that the the touchscreen has proven to be a limited mean of controlling games despite apple’s claim that it can virtually “emulate” any type of controller.


This image shows what seems to be an iPhone with a sliding keyboard that doubles as a game controller (check the “action” buttons in gray on the right). The design is clever and looks like it would be a pretty cool gaming device – I’m not even talking about reducing the number of typing errors due to the virtual keyboard.

Maybe that wheel could be tweaked to integrate an analog controller as well. What do you think? Do you like what you see?

Update: Of course, this is an April’s Fool, although we were not really deceptive. This model was created for this post by Olivier Demangel, a CG artist. find more images from him. More photos of this concept in the photo gallery

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