Medigenic Keyboard

The keyboard at the office could be one of the dirtiest places you’ll ever place your fingers on, and yet you don’t notice – not until you get hold of the Medigenic keyboard. This device does not come with raised keys that are a sure trap for nasties to be housed, but will take on a flat keyboard design (complete with faux 3D key graphics just to get you in the mood) that can be wiped clean with hospital-grade disinfectants without a hitch. Apparently, the flat design is touted to offer touch typists “conventional keyboard-like performance” while a dedicated disable button helps prevent accidental key presses whenever you wipe the Medigenic. Heck, even a backlight function is thrown in for those low-light environments so that the patient can go on sleeping peacefully (hopefully not eternally!), while a warning light flashes whenever it is time for a clean up. Hospitals who are interested can check out the Medigenic keyboard that retails for around $140.

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