The Google Chrome Update Is Fast!

Google Just released a an update for its web browser (version, Chrome, that improves the speed by 30% they claim. We tried it and we can say that it is really fast. I have 8 plug-ins in Firefox, so that’s not a fair comparison, but it blows IE7 out of the water by 300% in our tests and is perceptibly twice as fast as Firefox 3.0.1. Google has improved the JavaScript engine, and is using a more recent version of WebKit, the base code for the browser. They also removed 300 bugs…

Test it for yourself, but the difference is perceptible. I’ll keep it around, but I love my Firefox plug-in too much to abandon it quite yet. But I warn Mozilla not to become complacent. Video in the full post.

Update: Chrome’s load time is almost instant (

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