Synaptics ClearPad 3000 takes multi-touch to new heights

Synaptics has just introduced its ClearPad 3000 Series capacitive touch pad sensor solution. The technology is inherently thinner than resistive-based sensors that have to use more layers. Most importantly, capacitive sensors require less pressure to use, which makes the overall user experience better. ClearPad 3000 becomes the high-end solution from Synaptics, but more affordable solutions still exist with the 2000 and 1000 Series.

The ClearPad 3000 is capable of sensing an “infinite” amount of pressure points (it’s limited by how many fingers you have and can place on the pad;) ). Synaptics showed us the SDK that is used internally, but also by close partners. The development kit designed for driver programmers can display pressure points and pressure intensity. From there, the Synaptics team has built basic software that tracks points and vectors to detect things like pinch-zoom, rotations and much more.

A few handset design wins from Synaptics

Synaptics is currently enjoying growth, thanks to the explosive demand for touch solutions. It is one of the companies that is not in a hiring freeze: I’ve been told that there were about 50 positions currently opened, so you might want to take a look if you live around Santa Clara, CA. The photo above shows a fraction of their design-wins… [Press Release]


Capacitive versus resistive touch sensors


This is a working mini piano, developed as a concept

Folding motion demonstrated

Development prototype that internal developers use

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