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Not All Screen Protectors Work With Vivo’s In-Display Fingerprint Sensor
Last year Vivo announced that they would be launching a smartphone with an in-display fingerprint sensor, something that both Apple and Samsung were rumored to have attempting/are attempting for their phones, and just today the company announced the phone in question in the form of the Vivo X20 Plus UD.

Vivo X20 Plus UD With World's First In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Launched
It has long been rumored that companies like Apple and Samsung have been developing sophisticated technology to integrate fingerprint sensors into smartphone displays. Neither company has done that yet but that doesn’t mean nobody else can either. China-based Vivo teamed up with Synaptics to demonstrate an in-display fingerprint sensor solution at CES 2018 earlier this month. The company has now launched the Vivo X20 Plus UD, it’s the world’s first […]

Vivo Showcases Smartphone With An In-Display Fingerprint Scanner
[CES 2018] Last year it was revealed that Vivo would be the first smartphone maker to integrate an in-display fingerprint scanner into a phone, and this year at CES the company has decided to show it off at the event in which the technology was demonstrated and tested out by those who attended the event.

Vivo Will Be First To Use Synaptics’ In-Display Fingerprint Sensor
Last week Synaptics announced that they have begun mass producing its in-display fingerprint sensor, and that a “top 5” smartphone maker would be using their tech. The company did not name names, naturally, but this led to speculation that it could be Samsung given the company’s interest in the tech.


Synaptics Unveils Its In-Display Fingerprint Sensor
Ahead of the iPhone X and Face ID being officially unveiled, one of the early rumors of the iPhone X is that it could feature an in-display fingerprint sensor. This meant that instead of a physical sensor placed outside of the phone, like in the home button, it could exist in/under the display, thus allowing Apple to create a phone sans home button.

Synaptics Unveils All-In-One Facial & Fingerprint Recognition System
[CES 2017] Synaptics is a company that some of you guys might have heard of before. If you haven’t, they are a company that specializes in making fingerprint recognition systems which has found its way into quite a few mobile devices over the past few years. This year at CES 2017, they are back with a new all-in-one facial and fingerprint recognition system (via MacRumors).

Synaptics’ New Fingerprint Sensors Can Scan Through Display Glass
One of the rumors of the iPhone 8 is that Apple will do away with the home button once and for all. However the question is with the home button gone, where will Apple put its Touch ID fingerprint sensor? It has been speculated that it would be underneath the glass, and it looks like Synaptics might have clued us in on what to expect.

Synaptics Has A New Fingerprint Sensor That Measures 3.5mm Wide
Right now for the most part, fingerprint sensors on phones tend to be circular in nature, save for the Sony Xperia Z5 in which the sensor was placed on the side of the phone. However it looks like future fingerprint sensors could be much smaller, thanks to a recent announcement by Synaptics in which they revealed a fingerprint sensor that’s about 3.5mm wide.

Next-generation Synaptics ClearPad target entry-level smartphone market
Most smartphones have a decent amount of processing power underneath the hood, and there will always be a high-end model that tend to take the spotlight. Mid-range smartphones get glossed over and should be the most popular among the demographic of tech users, while entry-level smartphones? Those are not exactly hot stuff either, but it is a gateway or an entry point to those who might then move up the […]

Synaptics demos innovative Windows 8 touch technology solutions
Windows 7 has proved to be a pretty solid operating system so far, but that does not mean Microsoft is going to rest on their laurels. Well, we do know that the Redmond, Washington-based company is working on Windows 8, and with that, do expect plenty of bells and whistles to accompany it. Other companies will also be looking forward to see what Windows 8 appear would be Synaptics, as […]

Synaptics TouchPad sees action in Philips Dual remote control
If you happen to pick up the Philips Dual remote control anytime soon, you ought to take notice that Synaptics’ TouchPad will rock said next-generation remote which will also include other technologies such as ZigBee RF4CE (Radio Frequency for Consumer Electronics) and a QWERTY keyboard. This 2-inch TouchPad is capable of picking out gestures such as pointer navigation, flick, and tap for simplified navigation of digital entertainment. Pushing the touchpad […]

Synaptics announces ClearPad 7200 Series technology for more multi-finger touch goodness
Multitouch technology has really taken off in a big way thanks to the iPhone and iPod touch in recent years, and it doesn’t look as though its momentum is going to slow down anytime soon. Synaptics continues to improve itself in this market segment by announcing its latest ClearPad 7200 Series technology that targets OEMs who design a wide range of products which require multi-finger touch capability, such as clamshell […]

Synaptics Targets Tablets with ClearPad Touchscreen
Synaptics is gunning for the tablet market with its ClearPad 7200 touchscreen solution. OEMs can pick up Synaptics’ solution and integrate it easily into their tablet designs, which will give their products added functionality over competing products, such as 10-finger recognition, complex gesture support, high precision and low latency input. The ClearPad 7200 is designed to work with Windows 7 slates, Android tablets, and other Linux-based systems and will come […]

Chrome OS And Linux Get Multi-touch Support From Synaptics
While Windows users have managed to get multi-touch running on their PCs, folks who were running Linux weren’t that lucky. There is good news, though, as Human interface solutions developer Synaptics Inc. has announced that it has made its Synaptics Gesture Suite (SGS) available for Linux-based devices, bringing the popular multi-touch support to the open-source operating system. The further sweeten the deal, it seems that the Synaptic Gesture Suite for […]