TouchIf you use PingChat! for your cross-platform instant messaging purposes, today you should find yourself with an upgrade to Touch. All the features from PingChat! still remain, but now you get access to brand new ways to share and communicate with all your contacts (don’t worry, if you update your app you’ll get to keep your existing user names and contacts). What makes Touch stand out from all the other cross-platform messengers out there is its ability to share Experiences with your friends and family. Think of it as a Facebook wall, but only kept within your predefined circle.

The program also has BBM-style visual alerts – letting you know when a message has been delivered and read. Users can also quickly add multiple conversation participants for spontaneous group chat and users get profile pages that let them look back and reflect on their shared Experiences. Sounds like a pretty cool concept if you ask me – though you’ll need friends who love sharing just as much as you. Touch is available now for iOS, BlackBerry and Android devices. Find out more on the Touch website.

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