Memories are great things, they allow us to relive moments of great happiness and they also let us learn from them too, by not repeating mistakes that we made in the past. Apart from our brain, cameras and video cameras are great devices for capturing those memories into an audiovisual format that we can playback whenever we wish. Not to diminish their function, but it is said that the sense of smell is one of the best ways to invoke memories and emotions, so how about a device that can not only capture your audiovisual memories, but along with touch and smell as well?

The concept was designed by Hyun Jin Park and it’s called “memories in a bottle”. The device which has been designed to look like a bottle, not only records your memories but it also allows the user to share them with others. The touch screen is made out of bio particles which are used to record the “touch” memories and to “play” them back. Pressing the top is said to record the smell, so if you were at a family BBQ and you would like to record that memory, press the button and the smells surrounding you will be “captured” or released for you to relive those memories again.

Memories can also be transferred from one device to the other or can be shared on a network of devices. Granted it’s still a concept, but the possibilities would be endless. Holidays can be shared with friends and family as they will be able to experience what you have experienced, i.e. walking along the sand, the smell of the rainforest, various smells of spices from exotic markets, etc.

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