DEMOFall  09 Lineup of Emerging Technology Products

DEMOFall 09, one of our favorite emerging technology conference will be held in San Diego on September 21st and 23rd and we will cover it live on The 56 companies, handpicked by DEMO’s longtime executive producer Chris Shipley, will demo their products for the first time during a 6 minute performance on stage. New this year, 14 early stage entrepreneurs and pre-launch mode companies will have 90 seconds to showcase their prototypes. This DEMO session will be the last one for Chris Shipley who is passing the torch to Venture Beat founder Matt Marshall, he will join her on stage as co-executive producer.


In honor of Chris Shipley’s tremendous work over the past 13 years and 24 DEMO conferences, DEMO will award 15 legendary alumni with Lifetime Achieve Awards for their remarkable contribution in the tech industry.

We have selected the 3 recipients of our DEMOFall 09 Free Pass Giveaway that was running from August 31s to Sept 15th, you can see who they are and their comments on the Ubergizmo Facebook Fan Page.

See the DEMOFall 09 Lineup of Emerging Technology Products after the jump in the complete article.

LIVE Coverage will start tomorrow at 8.30 am PT, on

Products and concepts launching at DEMOfall 09 include

  • A desktop application that allows consumers to organize and manage their IM, email and social network accounts from one single location;
  • An organic shopping search engine that connects shoppers with online deals from their favorite merchants;
  • An application that enables search and browsing of real time conversations in social networks;
  • An agrisourcing platform that lets individuals, businesses and distributors buy, sell and find local food in their areas;
  • A mobile application that lets online dating users identify the validity of who they are interacting with online via name, number or email address;
  • An internal Twitter application for businesses that helps enterprises stay connected with customers, partners and the public;
  • A video-conferencing tool that offers live collaboration for up to four people using rich media content over standard business networks; A private file system for enterprises that lets users create, open, edit, and manage files in the cloud directly from their desktop file explorer;
  • A mobile mapping application for public places like convention centers and college campuses, that will allow users to navigate these indoor spaces via their phone;
  • A language translation program that helps websites establish multi-language content channels to grow their businesses globally;
  • A software tool that identifies the most influential thought leaders online for any given market segment or topic;
  • An online commerce platform for media companies to manage their online and offline subscribers;
  • And other products from all over the world including Brazil, Canada, France, India, Israel, Malaysia and Sweden.
  • DEMOfall 09 Demonstrators:

    • 80legs; Houston, TX;
    • Anaplan, Inc.; Redwood City, CA;
    • Answers Corp.; New York, NY;
    • Armorize Technologies, Inc.; Santa Clara, CA;
    • Article One Partners, LLC; New York, NY;
    • Burt AB; Gothenburg, Sweden;
    • CallSpark!, Inc.; San Francisco, CA;
    • Cazoodle, Champaign, IL;
    • Cortera, Inc., Boca Raton, FL;
    • Digitrad Communications, Paris, France;
    • dotSyntax, LLC; Rochester, NY;
    • Emo Labs, Inc., Waltham, MA;
    •; Tampa, FL;
    • ePulze; Petaling Jaya, Malaysia;
    • Faculte; San Bruno, CA;
    • Freeddom Tecnologia e Serviços S/A; São Paulo, Brazil;
    • Fuze Box, Inc.; San Francisco, CA;
    • Glam Media, Inc.; Brisbane, CA;
    • Gogrok Technology Corp.; Alhambra, CA;
    • Hand Eye Technologies, Inc.; San Francisco, CA;
    • Hashwork; New York, NY;
    • Hevva, LLC; Madison, WI;
    • Hewlett-Packard Co.; Cupertino, CA;
    • I.ndigo, LLC; Sao Paulo, Brazil;
    • Intelius, Inc.; Bellevue, WA ;
    • Kryon Systems, Ltd.; Tel Aviv, Israel;
    • LeapFILE, Inc.; Newark, CA;
    • Liaise, Inc.; Sunnyvale, CA ;
    • Lunchster, LLC; San Francisco, CA;
    • Micello, Inc.; Sunnyvale, CA;
    • MicroAssist, Inc.; Austin, TX;
    • MoLo Rewards, Inc.; Sanford, FL;
    • Corp.; San Jose, CA;
    • MyVocal Holdings, Inc.; Paris, France;
    • NativeTung, LLC.; Los Angeles, CA;
    • Piryx, Inc.; Austin, TX ;
    • Point of Wealth Systems, Inc.; Portland, OR;
    • Rseven Mobile, Inc.; Dublin, CA;
    • RumbaFish Technologies, Inc.; Palo Alto, CA ;
    • Scientific Media, Inc.; New York, NY;
    • Symform, Inc.; Seattle, WA;
    • Third Iris Corp.; Campbell, CA;
    • TotalTrainer, LLC; Laguna Niguel, CA ;
    • Traackr, Inc.; Boston, MA;
    • TravelTrac, LLC; Irvine, CA ;
    • TuneWiki, Inc.; Milpitas, CA ;
    • Tungle Corp.; Montreal, Canada;
    • Twirl TV, LLC; Los Altos Hills, CA;
    • VicMan Software, Inc.; Alexandria, VA;
    • Waze, Inc.; Ra’anana, Israel;
    • Webroot; Boulder, CO;
    • Weels Corp.; Milton, MA;
    • WhoDoYouKnowAt, LLC; Dallas, TX;
    • YiqYaq, LLC; Redwood City, CA;
    • Zorap, Inc.; Falmouth, ME;
    • Zuora; Redwood City, CA;

    DEMOfall 09 AlphaPitch Companies:

    • Cardagin Networks, Inc.; Charlottesville, VA;
    • Diditz; College Park, MD;
    • Dubzer; Pune, India:
    • Enroute Systems Corp.; Bellevue, WA;
    • Gelato Dating, LLC; Austin, TX;
    • Infochimps, Inc.; Austin, TX;
    • Keen Systems, Inc.; San Francisco, CA;
    • Melior Technologies, Inc.; Austin, TX;
    • Nubli, Inc.; Sunnyvale, CA;
    • Pinyadda, Inc.; Boston, MA;
    • Ringful, LLC; Austin, TX;
    • Sarithi LocalMart, L
      LC; Manchester, CT;
    • ShareGrove, Inc.; San Mateo, CA;
    • TrafficTalk, LLC; Great Falls, VA;

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