This Lego Polaroid 1000 instant camera certainly looks cute, and certainly seems to merit a place amongst your other geek junk right. Apparently it doesn’t work (obviously), but it’s certainly a cute, fun and interesting looking design. Maybe they should make actual cameras like these, Lego fans would probably snap them up in an instant, don’t you think?

Many of us grew up playing with Legos. Its probably the first memory most of us have of playing with toys back then. Some even think that Legos are one of the best toys of all time. For decades they have sparked kids’ imagination and still have a soft corner in many adults’ hearts.

Obviously its no secret that there are countless adult fans of Legos. Often we get to see some really great creations and the Lego Polaroid 1000 instant camera is certainly a joy to look at, even though it can’t print out a picture for obvious reasons .

Polaroid’s instant cameras are nothing short of iconic themselves. While some might find it hard to appreciate them in this modern day and age where taking pictures is as easy as tapping on a mobile phone’s display, countless units are still in circulation through flea markets and thrift shops by people who probably never got over them.

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