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Polaroid Mint Is An Instant Digital Camera And Printer
Polaroid has launched a couple of new products at IFA 2018 in Berlin. The Polaroid Mint 2-in-1 is an instant digital camera that’s also capable of printing out your pictures there and then. A second product called the Polaroid Mint is a mini instant digital pocket printer.

Polaroid Launches The OneStep+ Instant Camera
While in this day and age, a lot of cameras were designed to capture digital photos have them stored on computers, there are still companies out there such as Fujifilm and Polaroid who are still pushing film and features like on-the-spot printing. If you do enjoy the process, then you’ll be interested to learn that Polaroid Originals has launched its latest instant camera: the OneStep+.

Polaroid Insta-Share Moto Mod Lets You Print Photos Instantly
Gone are the days when you had to carry around a big Polaroid camera just to get instant prints of your photos. There are countless portable printers available on the market today that will let you print photos instantly. If you happen to own a Moto Z handset, you can also get the new Polaroid Insta-Share Printer Moto Mod that Motorola has announced today. As the name suggests, this Moto […]

Polaroid Unveils Its New Android Smartphones
If you grew up in the era of the film camera, there’s a good chance that the Polaroid brand might be familiar to you. What made Polaroid so different from other camera makers is that their cameras had the ability to print photos on the spot, whereas other cameras required the film to be developed specially.


Limited Edition Two Tone Black And White Polaroid 600 Camera Launched
The thing about cameras these days is that they’re pretty much all digital, meaning that you can retake photos as many times as you like, and there is no longer such as thing as wasting film. However there is a certain nostalgic charm involved in taking film photos, which is why to this day instant print cameras still exist.

Polaroid Pop Mixes Nostalgia With Latest Technology
Polaroid may not be as important as it once was. Carrying a camera around that can print photos on the fly isn’t something that most people do nowadays, they’d rather just take a quick picture with their smartphone and post it online. Nevertheless, a market still exists for those who like nostalgia and Polaroid continues to ride that wave. At CES 2017, it has launched a new camera called Polaroid […]

Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Camera Launched At Photokina 2016
Polaroid is a company that many are familiar with when it comes to instant cameras. In fact many would associate the name with instant cameras, and it looks like the company is back with its latest product in the form of the Polaroid Snap Touch, a new instant camera that has some technological upgrades.

Polaroid Action Cam Shot Glass Adapter Takes Drinking To New Levels
How many of you guys have gone out drinking and wake up the next day not remembering what happened the previous night, or you even got home for that matter? Chances are there are probably a few of you, and now it seems like there is an accessory that might be able to help you remember just what happened.

Polaroid 4K Ultra HD LED Models Are Powered by Google Cast
It looks like the newly renamed Google Cast is in for a good time, as Polaroid has just revealed their new 4K Ultra HD LED models which will be powered by none other than, Google Cast, of course. This is an exciting strategic partnership with Google, as the new Polaroid 4K connected TV line will incorporate Google Cast, ensuring that consumers will not have to burn a hole in their […]

Polaroid Snap & Power Android Smartphones Launched
[CES 2016] Polaroid might be a name synonymous with cameras, but in recent years we’ve seen the company expand its portfolio to include other types of devices. Recently during CES 2016, the company unveiled two new Android-powered smartphones in the form of the Polaroid Snap (not to be confused with the instant print camera) and Polaroid Power, pictured above to the left and right in the photo respectively.That being said, […]

Polaroid Introduces New Snap+ Instant Print Camera
[CES 2016] Last year Polaroid introduced the Polaroid Snap. Basically, this is a camera that also comes with an instant print function, which we suppose is in line with what Polaroid is known for back in the day. That being said it looks like Polaroid has decided to give the camera bit of an upgrade and has since launched the Polaroid Snap+.Announced at CES 2016, the Snap+ is basically a […]

Polaroid Sues GoPro Over The Hero4 Session
Earlier this year Polaroid announced the WiFi-enabled Cube+ action camera. However it wasn’t too long after that GoPro announced the Hero4 Session, which based on its looks alone seemed to be more or less similar to what Polaroid had announced the month before. The specs and features are obviously different, but from a design standpoint they look similar.So much so that it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn […]

Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera Now Available in the US & UK
Last month we reported on a camera called the Polaroid Snap. For those unfamiliar with Polaroid, the company was famous back in the day for creating cameras that could take photos and print them on the spot. However with the advent of digital camera and smartphones where you could preview photos instantly, the need for Polaroids has died down.However if you do like the idea of being able to capture […]

The Snap Is A Polaroid Camera With Insta-print Features
Back in the day before digital cameras became so widely adopted, Polaroid cameras were a pretty huge deal due to their ability to print photos on the fly. This is versus more traditional film cameras where you’d either have to develop it yourself, or take it to the shop where you’d have to wait a few days for them to be developed and printed.Fast forward to today, such cameras are […]

Polaroid Debuts WiFi-Enabled Cube+ Action Camera
Last year Polaroid, a company known for their instant-print cameras, debuted a tiny camera called the Cube. The idea was to compete against the likes of GoPro who pretty much dominates the action camera market at the moment. The Cube was nothing to shout about but if you were hoping for more features, Polaroid might have something new for you.The company has recently announced the Polaroid Cube+ which is basically […]

Oppo Not Happy With Polaroid's Selfie Smartphone
You guys might recall the Oppo N3. The handset was announced back in October of 2014 and it featured a unique camera design. Basically instead of a front and rear-facing camera, Oppo opted for a swiveling mechanism that allowed the camera to be used either in the front or at the back, pretty cool, huh?Well it looks like Polaroid has decided that it was a pretty cool idea and with […]

Polaroid L Series Tablets Look To Deliver Average Android Tablet Experience
[CES 2015] The name Polaroid itself would conjure up memories of instant photographs, and we are pleased to know that the company is still hanging around. Having said that, they have since made the shift to expanding their hardware offerings to the masses, and Android-powered tablets is not a market taboo to them. In fact, their L series tablet range has just been enhanced with a couple of new models, […]

Polaroid Zip Is An Instant Photo Printer For Mobile Devices
Today’s younger generation might not know about Polaroid cameras, chances are they might have seen some hipster toting it around the streets of New York, but that’s about it. Camera-equipped smartphones have blown all such products out of the water which means that Polaroid has had to adapt. If it can’t sell cameras that instantly print pictures it will try selling photo printers that instantly print whatever you have captured with a smartphone or […]

Polaroid's Socialmatic Camera Now Available For Pre-Order
A couple of years ago a concept camera called Socialmatic was revealed. It was based around the design of the Instagram icon and also featured instant-printing capabilities like you would have expected from a Polaroid. The device was then made a reality and the good news for those who wouldn’t mind picking one up for themselves, you will be pleased to learn that pre-orders have gone live.The camera’s pre-orders can […]

Polaroid Socialmatic Camera Is Powered By Android
Ah, the name Polaroid itself does conjure up images (pardon the pun) of instant photos that used to be plenty of fun, and is finding its way back to being in vogue at cocktail parties as well as photo booths at weddings. Earlier this year at CES 2014, the Polaroid Socialmatic camera was announced, but there does not seem to have any kind of release date attached to it back […]