PowerPlus Gazelle pedal power generator

Gazelles are supposed to run through the vast fields in a graceful manner, and it certainly does not fit the given name – PowerPlus Gazelle pedal power generator. After all, there is nothing graceful about pedaling like a sweaty pig while you try to juice up the onboard 12V battery within in order to make sure you and your family are ready for any apocalyptic change that is coming, which would include a complete loss of power. The powerbank battery comes with a switchable output stage that can produce anything from 3V up to 12V, featuring an inbuilt inverter that can also produce 220V at 100W. Heck, it even comes with an integrated flashlight and a handle for you to lug this 5kg beast around while searching for tin foods in your nuclear bunker. The PowerPlus Gazelle pedal power generator is going for £89.99, and they can’t even throw in a sports towel for your efforts.

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