Bypass The Security Lock On Motorola Droid

Quite a number of Android-powered phones (Read: Motorola Droid) out there are running Android 2.0.1, and if that’s the case for your phone, you might want to sit up and take note. It seems that there is a way to bypass the security feature of Android 2.0.1. Users are generally required to input a pattern to connect the onscreen dots to unlock the phone, but it seems that when the phone is receiving an incoming call, despite the phone being locked, all you have to do is hit the “back” button, and it’ll jump to your homescreen, where you’re free to do almost whatever you wish. The only positive note here is that the person will need to know your phone number (to call your phone), or wait for someone to call your phone, before this trick can be pulled off. Google has acknowledged, the issue, and apparently is busy working on a fix. Hopefully they’ll be able to get a fix out sooner rather than later.


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