Marvell Smart, smartbook reference design

[CES 2010] At CES Unveiled, Marvell let us play with a smartbook reference design apparently called SMART.You can’t tell from the photos, but it is extremely light (it’s almost weird), but don’t worry we got used to it pretty rapidly. The first thing that I checked was the relative speed (responsiveness of the UI). The good news is: it’s decent. I suspect that the graphics acceleration isn’t fully implemented (I hope), but we’ll have to check it again on a real product. The video playback of Ice Age was really good and stutter-free. It wasn’t clear what the specifications where, but I suspect that it was a 2GHz Armada 510. Don’t quote me on that, however. The screen was about 11″ big and, if the software is as good as the hardware (that’s a big if), we could see some interesting designs. Let’s wait and see, but on the hardware side, the demonstration is convincing.

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