Victorinox Presentation Master

[CES 2010] Victorinox unveils yet another device for the modern road warrior, this time coming in the form of the Presentation Master. This high performance USB flash drive offers secure data encryption as well as fingerprint authentication so that access to your data remains all the more secure even if the drive is stolen or lost. Coming in various capacities of up to 32GB, the Presentation Master also comes with a Bluetooth remote control function that allows you to make presentations from a distance sans wires. This is a flight-friendly model which means it has no blades at all, making it safe to tote around on airports without alerting the security unnecessarily. As with any self-respecting presentation tool, you get a built-in pointing laser as well. There is no word on pricing as they ought to be out sometime later this year. Funny how Victorinox has softened over the years with their releases instead of making real men’s toys anymore.

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