DVEO VideoTank HD

No, the VideoTank HD does not display images of fish swimming in a digital aquarium in High Definition graphics, but this device from DVEO is a new handheld H.264 video recorder and storage device. It will store all your digital video memories in the CompactFlash memory card format, supporting up to 32GB of storage space to record a maximum of 2 hours of 1080i content in each unit. Compact enough to tote around in your hand comfortably (3.3″ x 3.3″ x 1.6″), it is equipped with features such as automatic standards detection, an integrated microphone and headphone connectors. You can control it through an LCD panel and on-board push buttons. No idea on pricing, but it comes with a built-in file-safe operation that prevents corrupt files just in case there is a copying error during a power loss.

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