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Black Magic Pocket Cinema 4K Video Camera
Black Magic is showing its Black Magic Pocket Cinema 4K camera to an audience of broadcasting professionals at Inter Bee 2018, and we took this opportunity to take a closer look.

Thanko Video Recorder Works After Your Car Gets Bumped
Having a video recorder in your vehicle is a novel idea, as it would definitely be able to capture some of the more questionable moments when an accident occurs. Well, sometimes, if the video recorder works when we are not around, it is also a good thing, as you can then have an idea as to who the culprit is who scratched or dented your ride when you were not […]

Toshiba Camileo Clip video recorder offers hands-free recording
For those interested in getting their hands on a hands-free video recording device, Toshiba announced today at IFA the Camileo Clip mini recorder.

Tascam BD-R2000 could very well be the ultimate video recorder
The Tascam BD-R2000 video recorder might just be the only one you’ll need – at least for the next few years. It is capable of capturing both standard and high-definition video onto a hard drive, an SD memory card, a DVD or even Blu-ray discs themselves, complete with authoring and editing features that help you conjure up the perfect disc. The multi-format Tascam BD-R2000 recorder is capable of storing video […]


CamBall portable camcorder is similar in size to your golf ball
Everyone knows that golf balls are really, really tiny. Well, the CamBall is similar in dimensions (more or less anyways), but what it does is not win trophies when hit correctly, but rather, it will go around recording everything around you visually in 320 x 240 resolution. Sure, the resolution isn’t anything to shout about, but surely something this small warrants a mention, eh? Not only is it wearable, it […]

Sanyo Xacti VPC-CA102, a fully waterproof camcorder
Is underwater sports one of your favorite hobbies? Snorkeling or diving, you might want to bring the Sanyo Xacti VPC-CA102 with you since it is sealed tightly enough for you to record all your underwater adventures in full HD glory, or snap 14-megapixel stills – as long as you do not go deeper than 10 feet below sea level. Carrying a new lens which has a shorter range at just […]

DVEO VideoTank HD
No, the VideoTank HD does not display images of fish swimming in a digital aquarium in High Definition graphics, but this device from DVEO is a new handheld H.264 video recorder and storage device. It will store all your digital video memories in the CompactFlash memory card format, supporting up to 32GB of storage space to record a maximum of 2 hours of 1080i content in each unit. Compact enough […]

JVC GZ-HM1 HD Everio camcorder
[CES 2010] JVC’s GZ-HM1 HD Everio camcorder might debut at CES 2010, but it won’t be out until March later this year for $1,199.95. At that price point, what can you expect from it? For starters, it packs in 64GB of internal flash memory which can further be augmented by slotting in an SD/SDHC memory card of your choice. Shooting stills and videos should be a joy with its seesaw-style […]

FANCY Adn GAUDI Video Cameras
Green-house certainly picked a rather apt name for its GAUDI video cameras, though we’re not too sure about FANCY. Based on the exterior, it’s most likely that these video cameras are aimed at the fairer sex. They certainly are not slouches in the feature department though, as they’re capable of shooting 720p HD videos in the H264 format, and even take pictures up to 3200 x 2400 resolution. The 128MB […]