Sony ICF-C717PJ projector alarm clock radio

Sony aims to wow the bedroom market with their ICF-C717PJ projector alarm clock radio, where it comes with an integrated projector which is able to throw the time onto a bedroom wall. You can also set the projector at various angles in relation to the wall, so those who love looking at the ceiling all the time can still check out the current moment without straining their neck. Features include dual alarms, the option to play an AM or FM radio channel as an alarm instead of using the buzzer or digital audio from a compatible portable media player. Apart from that, you can be gently aroused from your slumber using nature sound choices such as undersea world, waves, mountain brook, rainfall or a birds singing their hearts out. An LCD display which has adjustable brightness settings of up to four levels makes it easy to look at. Nice to know that there is a backup battery to make sure you wake up in the event of an overnight power outage. No idea on pricing, but the Sony ICF-C717PJ will arrive in Europe next month.

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