C-Way’s Bubble Is Much More Than A Kids Alarm Clock

The Bubble smart device for kids is a side bed device that is designed to be a kid’s bedroom companion/assistant and help parents care for their children in a more efficient way. From a hardware standpoint, Bubble is being pitched as an Alarm Clock. However, it is also a talkie-walkie, a music player and can speak information out (since it has a speaker).

Voltmeter Alarm Clock Looks Electrifying

It goes without saying that an alarm clock is a crucial part of life, whether you are a student or someone who is out there working to eke out a living. The alarm clock helps you to roll yourself out of your slumber, and some folks have even gone so far as to come up with an alarm clock that will slap them awake, now how about that for creativity? […]

Barisieur Helps You Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

There are times when you find it extremely difficult to wake up, especially when you have had a pretty rough night out prior. Some of us are simply unable to function without having some coffee in our systems, and this is where the Barisieur would come in handy. The Barisieur is an invention that hails from the brain of designer Joshua Renouf, who has concocted it to be an alarm […]

tim-E iPhone Alarm Clock

Now this is an alarm clock that techies would love to own.


Alarm clock requires PIN code to shut up

There is nothing quite like the feeling of sleeping in on a nice, cool morning (especially when it rains outside), but for the most of us, our sweet rest is interrupted not by a crowing rooster, but the din of an alarm clock. It doesn’t matter whether it is the traditional ring or your favorite artist singing, waking up without getting enough sleep is never a nice feeling to have. […]

Goob Alarm App for Android Guarantees Waking Up

Alarm Clock applications are not only found in smartphones but also available in many variants in application stores. Now however, there is a new one with a twist that guarantees awakening for users. The Goob Alarm Clock that can be found in the Google Play Store (it’s deceptively named ‘Alarm Clock, wake up guaranteed’ in Google Play Store) features an original concept whereby the deactivation of the alarm is determined […]

Blender Alarm Clock

I just heard on Internet radio earlier today that one out of every four couples do argue from time to time simply because one partner in the relationship rely on the snooze function of the alarm. Research has shown that snoozing is not good for your short term memory in the long run, as it makes you irritable and tend to forget things. Why not change your waking up habits […]

Edifier Tick Tock Alarm Clock

I remember when I first head of the brand name Edifier some years ago, and was wondering just how far the company would be able to go, competing with the likes of Altec Lansing and Cambridge Soundworks. Well, it seems that Edifier is still around, and they have smartly targeted the entry-level and mid-range markets with their devices, and have done rather well for themselves. One of the latest devices […]

iLuv iMM155 Vibro II iPhone/iPad alarm clock docking station

If you’re not the type that wakes up to noise (i.e. someone calling your name, alarm, phone calls, etc), but instead prefer to be shaken awake, iLuv might have something for you in the form of the iMM155 Vibro II iPhone/iPod Alarm Clock docking station, which is part of iLuv’s Vibro series of digital alarm clock docks.

Attack of the Super Clock

Modding guru Ben Heck is certainly no devil’s workshop – after all, have you ever seen him with idle hands? Guess not, which is why he has worked with element14, the first collaborative community and electronics store for design engineers and electronics enthusiasts, by rolling out a movie-themed Attack of the Super Clock. This unique timepiece is more or less guaranteed to be able to get you out of bed […]

Sony introduces new DASH Information Alarm Clocks

Sony has just announced the launch of some new DASH Information Alarm Clocks – the HID-B7 and HID-B70, which feel more like stationary tablets than alarm clocks to me. Featuring a 7″ LCD resistive touchscreen display (800 x 480), WiFi connectivity, and support for over 1,000 free apps – the DASH Information Alarm Clock can do more than tell you the time. The DASH Information Alarm Clock can let you […]

Defusable alarm clock will probably cause problems with airport security

How many of you fancy the idea of having dynamite next to your bed to wake you up? Well, not one that will literally blow up and take along half your face with it, but an alarm clock that’s designed like one instead? Mike Krumpus of Nootropic Design has come up with one very interesting alarm clock that’s fashioned to look like bunch of dynamite sticks (like you see in […]

TalkO’Clock app lets strangers give you wake up calls

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a stranger wake you up in time for work? If you’re curious enough, perhaps you should check out the TalkO’Clock alarm clock app for iOS and Android.

Alternative Alarm Clock Wakes You Up Via Alternative Methods

I think just about everybody hates the sound of alarm clocks. Say what you will about alarm clocks that let you choose from a variety of sounds, but being woken up suddenly at 7 in the morning to the sound of the rainforest or a normal alarm clock ring is still not very pleasant. What about instead of the shrill sound of an alarm, you could instead choose to be […]