iTVGoggles ITG Vidix Features microSD Slot For Easy File Transfer

Do you remember the iTVGoggles that we mentioned to you before? It’s just gotten better, as the company has come up with an upgraded version, the ITG-Vidix now offers a built-in microSD card reader, allowing you to transfer photos, videos and music over much easier. In case you missed our earlier post, the iTVGoggles allows you to have a 50-inch TV screen (or more) right in front of your very eyes, allowing you to own a huge display at the fraction of the cost of a physical 50-inch TV. The microSD card slot in this latest iTVGoggles supports up to 32GB of storage, so you’ll be able to cram quite a few full-length films on it if you so wish. The iTVGoggles is currently retailing for $279.99.

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