Motorola Droid Encountering Performance Issues After Updating To Android 2.1?

Some lucky folks have managed to get the OTA (over-the-air) update to bring the Motorola Droid up to version 2.1. While getting the latest version of Android is certainly good news, the complaints that many users are experiencing performance issues are certainly not. Check out a video after the jump to see two Motorola Droid’s sporting different firmware versions illustrating the performance difference. Both phones apparently have the minimum number of apps running. Have you encountered any issues with your Android 2.1 update on the Motorola Droid?

On a slightly unrelated note, some folks have managed to root the Android 2.1 update, giving you root access to the device. You can check out the details, just remember to be tread with caution. We’re not going to be responsible if your phone turns into a very expensive paperweight.

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