Sony To Discontinue Sales Of Floppy Disks In Japan

Ah, Floppy disks, if you’re quite young, you may not even have used them before, and now it seems that the next generation will probably never come into contact with this ancient medium. According to reports, Sony has announced its decision to end sales of its 3.5-inch floppy disks in Japan from March next year, coupled with the fact that Sony holds about 70 percent of the floppy disk market, more or less sounds the death knell for floppy disks. Sony already discontinued the US production of floppy disks some time back, but the Japanese company still managed to sell about 12 million floppy disks in its last fiscal year. But with everybody moving with the times, it looks like floppy disks will soon be confined to history books (probably soft copies kept in our flash drives).

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