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Huawei Will Not Continue Using Google Services Even If The Trade Ban Lifts
Just because of the US/China trade war, Huawei was banned from using Google’s apps/services on its smartphones.It is almost more than a year now to that announcement. Even though things seem to be settling down. Huawei seems to have a different plan.Huawei, in response to an Australian newspaper Der Standard said that they will not return to use Google’s services even if the trade ban lifts.And, you might have already […]

ZTE wants in on China, US markets
Remember our earlier story on how ZTE has overtaken Apple globally in terms of handset shipments? Well, ZTE currently stands fourth in terms of world rankings where handset manufacturers are concerned, but the bulk of their orders come in the form of budget handsets. ZTE has plans to strengthen their position globally by targeting China as well as US markets, and intend to make a splash not by flooding two […]

Apple appeals denied injunction against Samsung in the US
It seems like Apple won’t give Samsung a break, although we’re guessing that Samsung’s victory against Apple in Australia did not do anything to help with their mood either. A while back Apple tried to get an injunction against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in the US as part of the ongoing patent infringement legal battle between the two tech giants. The request was denied but Apple does not appear […]

LG premium paid app service extends to the US
Good news for those living in the US and who own LG phones! The South Korean based company has announced that they will be bringing their premium paid app service for users in the US, which seems to follow in the footsteps of the successful launch of a similar service in the UK back in July.


Reports of RIM outages extend into Canada and US
A couple of days ago, we reported that Blackberry users in the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions were experiencing some downtime with RIM’s services. The service was then restored but then it looks like it went down again, this time extending further into other regions, namely Brazil, Chile, Argentina and India, but this time round it does not appear to have stopped there, with reports of service interruptions going […]

iPhone 5 to be launched 14th October in US, UK, France, Germany and Japan? (updated)
While the iPhone 5 has yet to be announced, many are already speculating about its launch date. The general consensus seems to be that the iPhone 5 will be announced in some time in October, although recent reports are suggesting that come this 4th October, the much awaited handset will be announced at an event which will be held at Apple’s Cupertino campus, but as far as launch dates are […]

Spotify now open to everyone in the US
Spotify made its debut in the US on July 14th but it was an invite-only service. But after Facebook’s announcement to integrate more services and apps into its service, it looks like Spotify is ready to open up to the rest of the country. Folks who have been pining for an invite since its launch but haven’t gotten on yet will be glad to know that as of today, anybody […]

US provides Iraq with phone and text messaging monitoring devices
Iraq is definitely no peace zone as there are plenty of factions out there within the country who oppose the current political situation. While some factions opt for more peaceful talks, there are others who seem to think that violence solves everything, which is why staying on top of security is the best way to keep their citizens safe. According to a US military official, Washington will be providing authorities […]

SMSS autonomous vehicle set to drop on Afghanistan
Lockheed Martin, a defense contractor with the US Army, was the winner in the Project Workhorse Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) competition, and hence they will add more credence to their victory by sending a quartet of Lockheed Martin Squad Mission Support System (SMSS) vehicles straight to Afghanistan as part of a three-month Military Utility Assessment (MUA). The SMSS is not small by any means – no sir, it measures 11-feet […]

Remote controlled toy truck saves the lives of 6 soldiers
Who would’ve thought that the military would start using remote controlled toys to make their lives safer? Last week a staff sergeant named Christopher Fessenden who was on duty in Afghanistan, was sent a remote controlled toy vehicle that had a camera mounted on it as a present from his brother. When he loaned it to a group of soldiers who used the toy to check the road ahead of […]

US Navy thinking about using Google+
The Navy is no stranger when it comes to using consumer technology for its recruitment purposes. Remember the submarine strategy game came it came up with to crowdsource tactics and strategies that people use? How about the Royal Navy Engineer Officer Challenge app? Well, according to the latest reports online from the Navy Times, it looks like it has its eyes set using Google+ as an additional tool to get […]

Spotify has landed in the US
Like we mentioned earlier today, July 14th marks a momentous occasion as Spotify has officially arrived on this side of the world. In an official press release issued today that is aptly titled “Hello America. Spotify here.” the popular music streaming service from Europe is now here. It is touted as the second single largest source of digital music revenue for labels in Europe – so it is a pretty […]

Samsung to release NC215S solar-powered netbook in the US
While Samsung’s legal team is busy fending off Apple’s lawsuits, the company has been busy releasing other computers as well. Liliputing reports that Samsung has confirmed the release of its upcoming NC215S solar-powered netbook in the US next month. The lightweight computer features a 10.1″ 1024 x 600 matte display, 1GB of RAM, and a 1.66GHz Intel Atom N570 dual-core processor.But what’s special about this netbook is its lid that […]

Spotify rumored to launch this July
We previously reported that Spotify managed to get three out of the four major labels onboard with its music streaming service and judging by what Spotify’s general manager, Jonathan Forster, recently announced in an advertising conference – we could be seeing the service in the US very soon. According to Forster, Spotify is wrapping up the final licensing deals for its US launch. While he wasn’t specific about a release […]

Spotify one step closer to arriving in the US?
With all the major cloud music services on the table, the one remaining cloud service that hasn’t been able to cross over to the US has been pretty quiet about its moves. Well, according to the latest reports from All Things D, it looks like the wait for the streaming music service is almost over. Spotify has been said to have signed an American distribution deal with Universal Music Group […]

MasterCard says NFC will be embraced by the younger generation in the US
According to the recently released results of a survey from MasterCard; it looks like the public, especially the younger generation, are willing to embrace NFC if it ever becomes the standard method of payment in the future. Though it wasn’t mentioned how many people were included in the survey, it is supposedly an accurate representation of the total US population ages 18 and over. From their findings, 63% of the […]

Netflix is doing its job to reduce piracy in North America
We’ve previously covered about how bit-torrent downloading rates in the US have been going down, while the number of Netflix subscribers has been slowly rising. Well, it looks like we have more details to corroborate with the theory that Netflix is doing a good job of cutting down piracy.According to a report released by Sandvine, a company that sells network management and measurement software to large ISPs, Netflix takes up […]

Samsung enters the US LED lighting market
Producing some of the best LED displays around especially in the TV market and in smartphones (Super AMOLED displays anyone?) Samsung is no stranger when it comes to LEDs. It looks like they’re tired of conquering the LED display market, and have their sights set on new consumer electronics – LED lighting solutions.The Korean company has announced that starting today; it will be making its first LED lamps available in […]

AT&T publishes reasons for wanting to acquire T-Mobile
We all know that AT&T had the intention of buying out T-Mobile to effectively turn into the largest carrier in the US, but why did they want to do it? According to a filing with the FCC published on their MobilizeEverything site, they revealed the main reason for acquiring T-Mobile USA – to improve their network performance. Ever since they were the exclusive iPhone carrier in 2007, people have been […]

Google Map Maker now available in the US
Google Maps is one of the most widely used navigation services in the world, but in case you didn’t know – the maps didn’t appear by magic. Most of the locations and places you find on Google Maps have been painstakingly added by people using Google Map Maker. So far, the Map Maker service has only been available in other parts of the world. Folks in the US didn’t have […]