Clear Introduces New 4G Modem And Routers

Clear has announced some new 4G networking hardware, and if you’re using a Mac, you’ll be happy to know that these devices offer Mac support too. The first is the 4G+ Mobile USB, a dual 3G and 4G modem that allows users to fall back on an EVDO data connection when you’re unable to enjoy 4G coverage. The Spot 4G is a 4G-only mobile router for folks who are always in Clear’s coverage area, allowing you to share its WiMAX connection with up to eight other devices via Wi-Fi. The Spot 4G+ is a rebranded Sprint Overdrive that offers a 3G option and support for up to five devices on the network. You’ll need to shell out $114 for the 4G+ Mobile USB; $100 for the Spot 4G; and $225 for the Spot 4G+. Are you willing topay those figures for 4G hardware?

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