Having unlimited LTE data is great because what this means is that users can go ahead and download as many things as they’d like, watch as many videos as they want, and so on without having to worry about reaching a data cap. Now not every user is so opportunistic but there are some who rely on their phones for all their internet needs, which is why carriers such as AT&T and Verizon have entertained the idea of throttling its heavy data users.

While T-Mobile did not announce any such system of their own, some users on Reddit are suspecting that maybe the system is in place but was never announced as they claim to have had their speeds throttled by the carrier. So much so that T-Mobile’s CEO caught wind of the issue and addressed it during T-Mobile’s Q1 2015 earnings call, which you can check it out for yourself in the video above.

Basically John Legere stated that for their unlimited 4G LTE customers they do not throttle their speeds. So what about those users who claim to have seen their speeds drop tremendously? According to Legere, this is due to network congestion and he states that chances are these users might have found themselves in an area which is particularly congested, thus leading to slower internet speeds, and also leading them to believe that they are being throttled.

It is understandable why T-Mobile has decided to address this problem so publicly and during their earnings call. Regulatory bodies such as the FCC and FTC have had issues with carriers throttling the speeds of their customers. In fact the FTC even sued AT&T over speed throttling which we’re sure is something T-Mobile wants to avoid.

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