Cooler Master V6GT CPU cooler gets fashionable LED strip

If you happen to want to build a speed demon of a gaming rig, then chances are you would delve into the world of overclocking, which means a CPU cooler is in order. The Cooler Master V6GT CPU cooler might just fit the bill since it will cater to the flashy generation who seemingly wants aesthetics not only on the exterior of the computer, but on the inside as well. What makes the V6GT so special? Well, it was specially designed with a muscular engine look, offering a Double-V heatpipe design, twin 120mm DynaLoop PWM fans and support for multiple CPU sockets to make sure everything runs cool and dandy underneath the hood even though your processor is being pushed to the max by a graphically intensive title. Apart from that, its fashionable LED strip will definitely tempt you to have a transparent chassis instead. Just make sure you have the gaming skills to back up a sleek looking machine, otherwise you might be labeled as a wannabe showoff.

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