V-Swing is a camcorder that targets golfers

Golfers certainly have a whole lot more technological advantage coming their way to aid their game compared to their predecessors, and the V-Swing is another device that adds to a growing list. This gooseneck-mounted camera can be bent in all directions, while offering a rotation of up to 270 degrees. When used in tandem with a 170 degree wide angle lens, you will be able to capture your swing with the V-Swing hanging on to your golf cart or bag. It also allows you to step through and analyze your swing in slow motion thanks to a purported high speed frame rate capability – we’re talking about 50fps here which might not do justice if you swing extremely fast. Features include 60MB of built-in memory, an SDHC memory card slot and a rechargeable lithium polymer battery that is good for around 5 hours or so. $349.95 is the asking price for studious golfers who are always on the lookout to improve their game.


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