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Robot Scores A Hole-In-One
Robots do seem to integrate themselves into our everyday life these days, and it is not surprising to hear, really, be it harvesting lettuce at a far more efficient rate compared to humans or serving us at a mobile phone store. In terms of sports, we have seen the ping pong playing robot by Omron at CEATEC before, but what about a robot that plays golf? It seems that a […]

M-Tracer Device Analyzes Your Golf Swings
Practice, practice, and more practice – there are just no two ways about it when it comes to being the best at something. Natural talent and ability will only get you so far after all, and everything else would hinge on you making the best of the situation. I am quite sure that many of us have heard of the hours of unseen practice put in by star athletes, celebrated […]

Game Golf Uses Sensors To Help Improve Your Performance
Being able to hit the fairway and greens in golf video games is pretty easy as long as you always consider the wind as well as the numerous small imperfections on any course. But doing the same thing in actual golf can be quite the challenge, especially if you don’t consider yourself to even be a golf amateur.A new program from San Francisco-based developer Game called Game Golf can help […]

Rokform Golf Shooter iPhone case might help lower your score
If you have always wanted to find a cheap and far more affordable way to lower your golf score, then Rokform might have just the thing for you with their Golf Shooter iPhone case. This particular golf-specific iPhone 4/4S case is the first of its kind in the world, where it will be able to help record your golf swings regardless of whether you are on or off the course. […]


Foresight Sports GC2 Smart Camera System
For those of us who love nothing better to do than to swing our golf clubs around, perhaps it is time to enlist the help of some “tools of the trade” so to speak to up the ante in our golfing experience. Enter the Foresight Sports GC2 Smart Camera System, which will definitely burn a huge hole in your pocket with a $6,500 base price. This is basically a launch […]

Garmin Approach S3 Touchscreen GPS Golf Watch
Garmin does not only roll out navigation devices for those who have a poor sense of direction, but they also have an interest in the realm of sports. Their latest device to be introduced is the Garmin Approach S3 Touchscreen GPS Golf Watch, where it aims to provide you with an edge over your opponents, showing you the true shape as well as layout of the greens, so much so that […]

Let Tiger Woods help you with your swing
Tiger Woods is without a doubt one of the best golfers in the world, and every golfer probably wants to be like him. If you’re a golfer, there’s a high chance you won’t be the next Tiger Woods, but don’t let that discourage you from improving your game, and what better way to improve your golf swing than with lessons from the man himself? Shotzoom has officially announced the golfing […]

SensoGlove – the world's first digital golf glove
Golfing enthusiasts who are keen on improving their game but want to do so without being humiliated by a trainer, now have a solution in the form of the world’s first digital golf glove. Called the SensoGlove, this smart glove does all it can to ensure you have the perfect grip on your golf club before you even take a swing. Smart sensors on the glove monitor your grip pressure […]

Golf Ball Launcher fired from an actual rifle
Regardless of how powerful your swing is, you will surely be unable to compete against this unique Golf Ball Launcher – especially when you consider outfitting it onto an assault rifle that lets you fire golf balls over 250 yards without breaking a sweat. Yes sir, the Golf Ball Launcher can be screwed onto the barrel of any AR-15, M4, or M16 assault rifle, where it will propel the ball […]

Nikon Laser 1000A S laser rangefinder has golf mode
Love spending the weekends (and weekdays if you have the chance) at the green with your mates? You might want to bring along the Nikon Laser 1000A S laser rangefinder then if that is the case, leaving your wife to be a golf widow in common parlance. This unique Nikon device comes with a golf mode as well, displaying slope-adjusted distance in the viewfinder to give you an edge in […]

Casio Exilim EX-FC160S Helps You Improve Your Golf Swing
The digital compact camera market is getting increasingly competitive recently, and it’s not easy to create a product that stands out. With that in mind, Casio does deserve some praise for its effort to come out with the Exilim EX-FC160S, which is a compact digital camera geared toward golfers. Aside from the fact that Casio commissioned Japanese pro golfer Chie Arimura to provide commentaries in the bundled handbook, the camera […]

V-Swing is a camcorder that targets golfers
Golfers certainly have a whole lot more technological advantage coming their way to aid their game compared to their predecessors, and the V-Swing is another device that adds to a growing list. This gooseneck-mounted camera can be bent in all directions, while offering a rotation of up to 270 degrees. When used in tandem with a 170 degree wide angle lens, you will be able to capture your swing with […]

Laser Alignment Putting Trainer
Do you think that you’re good enough to beat Tiger Woods in his current vulnerable state? If you want to challenge him, you’re probably going to need some training, and that Laser Alignment Putting Trainer will be one of the tools in your arsenal to help you prepared. Endorsed by golf analyst, Jerry Foltz, it uses a laser to show you when your putter is aligned properly before you make […]

Mantys golf scooter
Love playing golf so much, that you just want to get from hole to hole in the fastest manner possible? Why not give Mantys golf scooter a go – this electric scooter can run for up to 13 miles on a single charge, with a top speed of 12 miles an hour (no need for a caddy any more, eh?). There is also some space up front for your golf […]