Apple Batteries Are Rebadged Sanyo Eneloops

It probably came as a surprise to most folks out there to see Apple suddenly offer its own rechargeable batteries and charger. That being said, Apple doesn’t manufacture its own batteries, and recent teardown jobs on the batteries indicate that they’re rebranded Sanyo Eneloop batteries, one of the more popular batteries on sale nowadays, since they claim to be able to maintain 75% charge even after three years of sitting around and watching the stars. From the teardown, it’s claimed that the Apple AA rechargeable batteries are the 1.2V Sanyo Eneloop HR-3UTG, rated at 1,900mAh (minimum). In terms of performance, the batteries seemed to match out, which does more or less confirm the suspicion of folks out there. It’s probably worth noting that Apple sells a pack of six batteries and the charger for $29, while Sanyo sells a pack of eight batteries and a charger for a similar price.

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