Demon Internet targets gamers with new service for lower pings

UK Internet service provider (ISP) Demon Internet recently unveiled a new service which will target gamers who want nothing but the very best. We’re talking about the Demon Game Pro package that is touted to deliver “traffic prioritization” to gamers which will help lower ping times. Ping times is basically the amount of time required for information to relay between your computer and the server, so the lower it is, the better as the game will seem to be a whole lot more responsive. Demon Internet has priced this service at £22 monthly for a 12-month contract, but if you decide to give it a go for just 3 months, then it will cost you £24 per month. Regardless, either contract will come with a £30 setup charge. Those who sign up will be able to hit theoretical 20Mbps downstream and 1Mbps upstream figures, but those will hardly happen since this is earth and not Utopia you’re living on. Demon will play its part by supplying a wireless router and a static IP address. Looks like paying tolls to be on a highway to avoid snarling traffic jams is the same model that ISPs are adopting.

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