isp-throttleThe European Commission’s vice president and digital chief Neelie Kroes is currently working on a campaign which might very well alter the way Europeans hook up to the Internet. It is said that there is approximately 100 million people living in Europe who face connectivity restrictions, where among them include throttled Internet speeds and blocked content, all from their service providers. The Netherlands and Slovenia are right now the only two countries in Europe which offer net neutrality laws so that ISPs would not be able to block competing services. Kroes, however, has a very different idea as he he would like to see these laws expand in due time, covering the rest of Europe eventually.

Kroes said, “Services like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or messaging services – like Skype or WhatsApp – offer real innovation for consumers. But some ISPs deliberately degrade those services, or block them outright, simply to avoid the competition. We all deserve a clear promise before signing up – not a nasty surprise after. After all, when you buy a carton of milk, you don’t expect it to be half-empty: the same goes for 50 Megabit internet.” Hear ye, hear ye!

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