Japan has toilets that check your health while you pee

Toilets in Japan are definitely high tech, no doubt about it, and here we have another special model from Daiwa House that targets the elderly in mind. Known as “Intelligence Toilet”, this toilet is smart enough to perform an analysis on your urine, measure your blood pressure, body temperature and weight in the process. A gizmo within the bowl itself will be able to determine sugar levels in your urine, while an armband will go about monitoring your blood pressure as you take a leak. The integrated floor scale will also determine your body weight while you sit on the porcelain throne, and all data will be displayed on a wall-mounted computer screen. It will retail for $4,100 to $5,850 depending on the model and make, and is a Japan exclusive only at the moment. Forget about this if you have more than 5 people in your family using the same toilet, since it maxes out at just 5 users in terms of memory storage. No guest account, eh?

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