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This Adjustable Toilet Seat Can Keep Any Size Butt Comfortable
As much as we’d like to ignore them, toilet seats are an extremely part of our every day lives as they help keep us comfortable while we’re sitting on our toilets thinking long and hard what the meaning of life is. But what if you’re someone who can’t be contained by a “normal” toilet seat as you’re just too big to fit onto it? Well – a new adjustable toilet seat […]

Toro's Bedside Flushable Toilet Is Able To Travel Right To You
From time to time while I’m writing some of the most amazing and thought-provoking stories on Ubergizmo, I get the urge to make a visit to the powder room to freshen up. That short visit takes time away from sharing my genius with you all, but if I had something like Toro’s Bedside Flushable Toilet, I could simply… uh, “freshen up” while I write my stories. Brilliant!

Glow In The Dark Toilet Seat Helps You Stay On Target
If there’s one thing we know you probably hate to do, it’s getting up in the middle of the night to handle some emergency business in the bathroom. Sometimes your body just doesn’t want to wait until you wake up, and needs to get whatever is currently inside you out immediately. When you finally make it to the bathroom, we know the last thing you want to do is turn […]

Remote-Controlled Japanese Toilet Shouldn't Be Used For Waste
Remote-controlled helicopters may seem cool, but nowhere near as cool as a remote-controlled toilets, which, of course, is being made available in Japan, which we like to refer to as the country where the toilet reigns supreme.We’ve seen toilets that connect to your smartphone, as well as a motorcycle whose seat was replaced with a toilet, but these remote-controlled toilets take the Japanese obsession a little too far. The “Remote […]


No-Mix Vacuum Toilet relies on poo power
The next time you decide to lay a string of logs after a particular fiber-intensive meal, you might want to do your bit for the environment too with the No-Mix Vacuum Toilet. This particular toilet system was developed by a team of scientists and research assistants from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore, where it will basically transform poo into electrical power – not to mention help you save 90% […]

Bar in the UK lets you play games while taking a leak
The Exhibit Bar in London, together with Captive Media, have fitted a hands free gaming system in the toilets of all places. It seems that this was done in an attempt to lure customers over by creating a “buzz” about the venue, and according to Captive Media’s research, these bathroom gaming systems have had a significant impact on the sales as well (a positive impact, we hope).

Theoretical toilet transforms waste to electricity
In the most rural parts of the world, getting access to basic necessities such as water and electricity can be a problem – and it is always in the best interest of everyone to make sure a decent sewage system is in place for obvious reasons. Well, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation wants to improve living conditions in such places by handing over $3 million to be shared among […]

Wash and Brush timer helps your kids keep clean and healthy
How often do you have to deal with reminding your kids that brushing for 10 seconds isn’t long enough to get rid of all the germs in their mouth, or that washing their hands for 5 seconds doesn’t help? Well, this Wash and Brush timer from TrendyKid can help you to do the job. Just set this timer up in the bathroom next to the sink and teach your kids […]

27% of Americans use Facebook in the bathroom
According to a study done by an Atlanta-based media firm – 27% of Americans use Facebook in the bathroom. Shocking? No, not really. Ever since we’ve had cellphones and things to do on them, people have been finding other things to look at besides magazines while sitting on the porcelain throne. Some people read comics, some people write, some people talk on the phone, and some people go on Facebook. […]

Japan has toilets that check your health while you pee
Toilets in Japan are definitely high tech, no doubt about it, and here we have another special model from Daiwa House that targets the elderly in mind. Known as “Intelligence Toilet”, this toilet is smart enough to perform an analysis on your urine, measure your blood pressure, body temperature and weight in the process. A gizmo within the bowl itself will be able to determine sugar levels in your urine, […]

NoMix toilet makes plenty of sense
While vehicles have taken the hybrid route, the humble toilet could potentially move towards a similar direction, with it merging the functionality of an average urinal as well as toilet bowl in a single contraption. The urinal is located at the front half of the bowl (aim better, guys!), while the back half works like a standard toilet, where all solid waste will land and get flushed away to keep […]

Panasonic Has Some Nifty Toilet Seats
The Japanese seem to incorporate some rather advanced technology into everything, and this time Panasonic has come up with some rather techie toilet seats. The toilet seats sport a variety of sensors that can detect you entering or leaving the room and make a decision to open/shut and flush the toilet bowl. It can also sense the room temperature and adjust the temperature of the seat to match it. The […]

Home Core Concept Integrated Toilet
Will out toilets in the future look like this? The Home Core concept toilet certainly looks modern and cool. Eye-candy aside, it does have practical uses too, such as there being a water storage tank right below the sink. You can opt to store the currently used water there, or allow it to drain off. The stored water can be used to flush the toilet, so you wouldn’t minimize water […]