JBL and Mark Levinson offfers Home Theater in a Box

Fancy a HiTB setup (Home Theater in a Box)? Let JBL and Mark Levinson lighten your wallets by as much as $88,000 with their pre-packaged ready-to-go solution. This unique and expensive system should deliver the best that even audiophiles and purists won’t be able to complain. For starters, this Synthesis One Array ML Premier system will comprise of a dozen speakers, a quartet of amplifiers, a surround sound processor, and a pair of digital equalizers. While no sources are included, it will come with a Lexicon BD-30 Blu-ray player if you can afford to fork out another $3,500. Unless you’re filthy rich and a hundred grand means as little to you as a million bucks, you’re better off piecing your own system and get more bang for your buck. Then again, if you can afford something like this at your whim and fancy, you’re probably paying for convenience of a pre-packaged system.

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