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JBL Unveils New Multibeam Soundbar With Dolby Atmos
Soundbars are great alternatives to your more traditional standing or bookshelf style speakers. This is because generally speaking, they’re designed to be slimmer and can slide under a TV or a monitor, so if you’re tight on space, soundbars are a great alternative. In fact, JBL might have something new for you.

JBL’s Go 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Announced
JBL is no stranger when it comes to portable Bluetooth speakers, with the JBL Go series being one of the company’s smallest and most affordable models. If you are looking for a simple and straight to the point Bluetooth speaker, then you might be pleased to learn that JBL has unveiled the latest model in the lineup, the JBL Go 3.

JBL Reveals New Quantum Range Of Gaming Headsets
If you’re looking to get your hands on a pair of gaming headsets, you might be pretty interested to learn that at CES 2020, JBL has announced their new range of Quantum gaming headsets where there will be seven different models for users to choose from, ranging from both wired to wireless models.

JBL Wants To Crowdfund A Pair Of Solar-Powered Headphones
As more companies are starting to ditch the headphone jack, there is a rise in the creation of wireless headphones. However, the problem with wireless headphones is that they run out of battery, something that most wired headphones do not suffer from. However, it seems JBL is looking to solve that problem.


JBL Link Bar Is Finally Available For Purchase
Some of you may remember the JBL Link Bar, the company’s Android-powered soundbar which was first unveiled at the Google I/O conference last year. It has been a very long wait for this product but it’s finally available for purchase. The Link Bar is a soundbar, smart speaker, and Android TV set-top box hybrid that costs $400.

JBL’s Endurance Peak Are True Wireless Earphones For Working Out
#CES2019 – Headphones and the gym seem like they are a perfect fit, delivering fitness enthusiasts their dose of motivational music to run that last mile or to make that last heavy lift. However since we typically sweat a fair amount during our workouts, it means that our headphones need to be water-resistant to a certain degree.

JBL Link Drive Adds Google Assistant To Your Car
You don’t need to purchase an expensive in-car accessory to get Google Assistant. JBL is offering a cheaper solution as part of the expansion of Google Assistant into its wide variety of products. The JBL Link Drive is one of those products, it brings the Google Assistant to your car.

JBL Flip 5 Wireless Speakers Announced
#CES2019 – Wireless Bluetooth speakers are becoming increasingly common these days. This is largely thanks to the fact that handset manufacturers have started to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack, which means that customers are in greater need of wireless audio more so than ever.

JBL Link Bar Finally Slated For A Spring Release
The JBL Link Bar was originally unveiled at Google I/O in May last year. This Android-powered soundbar is unique in that it comes with Google Assistant. It hasn’t come out as yet and those who have been waiting for it will be delighted to know that the company has confirmed when they will be able to purchase this device. The JBL Link Bar will go on sale in spring this […]

JBL Revives A Classic With The ‘L100 Classic’
Speakers are a dime a dozen and chances are you’ve been through a couple of them over the years. For those who grew up in the 1970s, JBL’s L100 might have been the speaker of your dreams, but maybe you could never quite afford it. However if you are now enjoying adulthood with a source of disposable income, maybe it’s time to revisit the past.

JBL Link Bar Delayed, Might Only Ship In 2019
Earlier this year JBL unveiled the Link Bar. This is a soundbar that also doubles as an Android TV and also comes with Google Assistant, meaning that it is essentially an all-in-one system that will not only enhance the sound from your existing TV, but gives it smart TV features, and also has a digital assistant that you can control with your voice.

Under Armour & JBL Unveil New Wireless Earphones
Wireless headphones are definitely becoming more popular than they have ever been, largely thanks to how we’re seeing more handset makers ditch the headphone jacks, which means that customers need new ways of connecting headphones to their phones. We’ve seen some new models launch at IFA last week, but in case you wanted something more sporty, Under Armour has you covered.

JBL Link Bar Now Available For Pre-Order, Priced At $400
Several months ago during Google I/O, JBL unveiled a new soundbar in the form of the JBL Link Bar. Now soundbars are pretty good solutions for those who want a set of speakers that won’t take up too much space, at least compared to regular home theater systems, which is what the JBL Link Bar offered and then some.

JBL Link View With Google Assistant Now Available For Pre-Order
Earlier this year during CES 2018, JBL announced the Link View. This was a smart speaker with an 8-inch touchscreen display that also came with Google Assistant built into it, which seemed like Google’s way of taking on the Amazon Echo Show. The good news is that if this was something you were interested in, it looks like it is now available for pre-order.

Google And JBL Reveal A Hybrid Soundbar With Android TV
Google today revealed that it has teamed up with JBL to develop a new hybrid soundbar that’s going to double as an Android TV-powered set-top box as well. It’s called the JBL Link Bar and it’s going to be an audio hub for the living room. Not only will it be the kind of soundbar that one would expect get from a company like JBL, it will also run Android […]

JBL’s Link View Comes With Google Assistant & A Touchscreen Display
[CES 2018] When Amazon launched the Echo Show, it was almost a guarantee that we would see something similar from the competition. While Google has yet to respond in kind (we have heard that they are still working on it), some of Google’s partners have launched similar devices, like the Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant.

JBL & Under Armour Unveil UA Sport Wireless Flex Headphones
Headphones come in all shapes and sizes, some designed to be worn while you commute, some designed to be enjoyed sitting in a comfortable chair and listening to your records, while some have been designed for gym and sports. While we suppose headphones in general could be used for any purpose, there are some differences in their design that make some better than others for certain uses.

JBL Unveils ‘Free’ Wireless In-Ear Headphones
#IFA2017 – Wireless headphones are great because of the fact that there are no wires, so there is no worry about having to untangle them when you take them out of your bag, and also not have to deal with having the wire get caught on things. So if you’re in the market for something that’s small and extremely portable, the recently announced JBL Free could be of interest to […]

JBL Boombox Portable Speakers Launched With 24 Hours Battery Life
#IFA2017 – If you’re in the market for a new set of Bluetooth speakers, but you wanted something with a bit more oomph in terms of sound, obviously getting those tiny pocket-sized Bluetooth speakers aren’t the way to go about it. In fact just recently JBL has taken the wraps off a new Bluetooth speaker in the form of the JBL Boombox.

JBL Unveils Jr. Headphones Designed For Kids In Mind
#IFA2017 – There are some parents who argue that giving headphones to your kids is a bad idea because it could damage their hearing. Perhaps kids at a younger age might not realize that listening to music or watching videos at high volumes can have a permanent effect on their hearing.