More details on the Motorola Droid 2

While we know that the Motorola Droid 2 will retail for $199 on contract and $599 if you decide to purchase it as a standalone device, here are more details on this Android-powered smartphone that might end up influencing your purchase decision – negatively or positively, that remains to be seen. Its 1GHz processor should be able to handle all Flash sites with aplomb, thanks to the Android 2.2 (FroYo) operating system that supports Adobe Flash on such a tiny device. Other than that, expect the Droid 2 to come with a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus capability that helps it stay in touch with the competition, although that is still a far cry from the 12–megapixel monsters from Japan. Touted to be ready for a roll out in three days’ time, the Droid 2 will probably adhere to such whispers since the original Droid has already been listed as “Out of Stock” on the Verizon website.

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