Last Wednesday, we rocked San Francisco with our Digital Summer party. We’re very excited that so many Ubergizmo fans and fashion aficionados could make it and join us to celebrate the fusion of art and technology. Digital Summer was held at Temple, one of the few sustainable night clubs in the country. Intel, the gold sponsor, showcased its innovative Internet connected signage concept featuring a large translucent touchscreen displaying a virtual store demo. Attendees also had the opportunity to recycle their old phones, thanks to Verizon Wireless, our silver sponsor, via its HopeLine® Program.

Digital Summer 2010 Ubergizmo

We all enjoyed high quality fashion during the live runway show featuring Colleen Quen Couture, Jan Warnock, Harputs OWN and Sofie Olgaard. Special thanks to Manika for providing the jewelry, to Innovalley for providing its solar bag, to HP for providing its latest Designers netbooks (photo), to SANYO for its camcorder and to Dj Mrs Blythe for the great music.

A live photo show by Liz Caruana, Warren Difranco and Anthony Lindsey was running during the evening on the venue’s three screens. Yanko Design exhibited innovative high end product designs at its booth.The main photo gallery is here (more to come):event photos,fashion show photos

We will announce the Digital Summer giveaway winner soon.

Digital Summer 2010 Ubergizmo


Our sponsors: Intel (gold) and Verizon (silver)

Our partners: Girls in Tech,Eye-Fi, ObjectiveMarketer, IFCSF,SFFAMA

Our media partners: Yanko Design, Cult of Mac, Techie Diva, Tech Mamas, Mashable, Burdastyle,, Thread, We Blog The World and SanFranista.

On site Photographers: Liz Caruana, Warren Difranco

DJ: Mrs. Blythe, see her again atThe Tech Decompression on Sept 10

Makeup artists for attendees: Zuri Moor, Lia Sabella, Ruzana Mamysheva


Designers: Colleen Quen Couture, Jan Warnock, Harputs OWN and Sofie Olgaard

Jewelry provider: Manika

Fashion producers: Yetunde Schuhmann and Bianca Kramer

Choreographer: Charleston Pierce

Models: Kaitlyn Klebe, Josslyn Marie, Nina Alvarez, Derek Russell, Leina Lau, Jacqueline Sand, Leah Wade, Gina Teichert, Jennifer Roberts, Amanda Cambria

Makeup artists and hair dressers: Sue Blackman, Lillian Zheng, Lindsy Brewer, Megan Swanson, Natalia Zatarain, Liliana Aranda, Elizabeth Chang, Ursula Max

Thanks to our registration team and the Temple staff for the great job: the line was processed much faster than last year, while we had as many guests!

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