Arcane Arcade Table Makes Your Living Room Exciting Again

If you want a more exciting coffee table perhaps you’d like to check out the Arcane Arcade Table from surface tension. Aside from looking like your run-of-the-mill coffee table, it sports a hidden Shuttle XPC, 19- or 26-inch LCD display under the table’s toughened glass surface. The system itself is already loaded up with over 100 licensed games from Taito, Midway, Atari and is also compatible with MAME, allowing you to run your favorite arcade classics too. Arcade controls are also included in the form of joysticks, buttons, trackball and spinner. In terms of audio, you’ve got a built-in sound system with stereo 30-watt speakers or an optional Sonos Zoneplayer. You wouldn’t expect the Arcane Arcade Table to go for cheap, and it’s priced at £3,299 ($5,061), though you can save a few bucks here and there if you’re willing to shave off some specs.

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