LG Infinia PX950 Plasma HDTV series is THX certified

LG bags another first with their Infinia PX950 Plasma HDTV series, where it is the first of its kind to receive THX certification after passing over 400 gruelling laboratory tests that evaluate left and right eye images for color accuracy, cross-talk, viewing angles and video processing performance. Not only that, it also went through THX certification for superior picture quality in 2D which is mandatory before it can even have a sniff at THX 3D certification. It takes a mere button push for the viewer to select THX 2D or 3D Cinema Modes, and if you’re so inclined for the latter, make sure you have at least a pair of active shutter glasses ready. Interested in having some class in your living room? The LG PX950 series will be available in 60- and 50-inch sizes, retailing for $2,999 and $1,999, respectively. This is one way to keep ahead of the Joneses! [Press Release]

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