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Panasonic Confirms That The ZT60 Will Be Their Last Plasma TV
Back in March, we reported that according to rumors, Panasonic could be pulling out of the plasma TV market and it seems that has been confirmed by the company’s vice president, Kiyoshi Okamoto. Okamoto revealed that the company’s latest plasma TV, the ZT60, will be the last and best plasma panel that will be coming out of the company’s R&D department. However he did state that what this meant was […]

The Different Television Types Explained In 3 Minutes
It’s safe to say that there a lot of people out there who are clueless when it comes to televisions and displays. Sure you can walk into a store, see the beautiful displays on, well, display, and then when you attempt to find out what sort of television/display you are looking at, the sales person chucks tech jargon at you and you’re left feeling even more confused. For those a […]

Interactive Plasma Display lets your write in different colors simultaneously
The ordinary whiteboard or chalk based blackboard looks set to be on the road to extinction, although it would be an extremely slow and gradual process. After all, digital displays are starting to gain traction at organizations and educational institutions, and this 65″ Interactive Plasma Display is no different. Hailing from the halls of Panasonic, it enables four different people to write simultaneously in different colors without missing a beat. […]

Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 4-85 plasma display offers 3D and a feast for your sense
Bang & Olufsen has upped the ante where 3D TVs are concerned with their latest addition to the BeoVision 4 family in the form of an 85″ plasma display, delivering stereoscopic 3D capability even in Full HD for razor sharp details, rich-lifelike colors and smooth movement. Not only that, the BeoVision 4-85 will also come with a patented Bang & Olufsen Automatic Color Management technology that is capable of countering […]


Consumer Reports: Plasma a Better Bet Than LCD for 3D TV
If you’re looking to purchase a 3D television set this television, Consumer Reports advises that plasma may be a better option than its LCD technology rival in that arena. According to the publication, plasma displays offer little ghosting. Ghosting is an issue where sets display “double images that appear even when wearing 3D glasses.” The publication finds that “Panasonic plasma sets exhibited the least ghosting of any of the 3D […]

LG Infinia PX950 Plasma HDTV series is THX certified
LG bags another first with their Infinia PX950 Plasma HDTV series, where it is the first of its kind to receive THX certification after passing over 400 gruelling laboratory tests that evaluate left and right eye images for color accuracy, cross-talk, viewing angles and video processing performance. Not only that, it also went through THX certification for superior picture quality in 2D which is mandatory before it can even have […]

Samsung's 50-Inch 3D Plasma TV Breaks $1,000 Price Barrier
Samsung’s 50-inch 3D plasma screen television set will be sold at Best Buy for under $1,000, making it the first time that a 3D plasma has dipped below $1K in the U.S. The TV, model PN50C490B3D, will go for $990 at the electronics retailer and will offer 720p HD resolution, 600 Hz refresh rate, 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 3 HDMI inputs, 2 component inputs, one USB port, one VGA input, […]

Samsung Introduces A 65-inch 3D LED HDTV And Some 3D Plasma Displays
Samsung has just introduced four new 3D HDTVs, with the most interesting of the lot being the 65-inch UN65C8000, a LED-backlit unit that sports Samsung’s Real 240Hz panel and is capable of producing an 8,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. Aside from that, it also sports Wi-Fi and support for a third-party camera, which enables Skype video calls through a Samsung app. The three other 3D TVs are from the Plasma 680-series […]

Winscape system lets you live anywhere you want in the world
There is nothing quite like the use of optical illusion to make you feel as though you were living anywhere in the world – thanks to the Winscape system that relies on plasma windows with custom Winscape software coupled with video playback resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 alongside audio capability. This effect is further multiplied since the plasma window itself is embedded in the wall for added aesthetics and silent […]

Sony Plans To End OLED TV Sales In Japan
You might still be drooling over Sony’s 11-inch OLED digital TV (Bravia XEL-1), but it seems that the folks over in Japan are already over it. Sony has confirmed that it stopped production of OLED TVs in Japan, and sales of OLED TVs will end when the existing inventory runs out. Fortunately for us, Sony plans to continue production for North America, Europe and other overseas markets. The fact that […]

1mm Thin Plasma Display Prototype
Shinoda Plasma Japan has come up with a new prototype film-thin giant plasma display, and despite it being 2 meters tall and 3 meters wide, it measures a mere 1mm thin. This is made possible by joining half a dozen sheets of film, and consumes less than half the electricity of what current models of comparable size from other companies do. Shinoda Plasma has plans to sell the sheets to […]