Motorola To Fix Droid X Text Messaging Error

This isn’t the most ideal situation for Motorola the moment. First it took a while for the Android 2.2 update to arrive on the Droid X, and when it did, problems started to appear, including problems withmusic, ringtones, and now SMS messages. The latest report claims that SMS messages are no longer displayed in chronological order. While it’s common practice to place the last sent or most recently received message at the top of the pile, the bug doesn’t seem to push the SMS thread to the top of the pile when a message is received, only doing so when you send a message, causing many users having to manually scroll further down the list in order to find a message. Motorola has since acknowledged the issue and has confirmed that it’s working on a fix. Considering how irritating this bug can be, hopefully it will be on the top of Motorola’s list and not buried down below (pun intended).

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