T-Mobile Android phones to get UMA?

Over here at Ubergizmo, we are aboslutely, passionately in love with UMA access since it helps us travel continents and keep in touch with family members and friends back home when abroad without ending up with a phone bill large enough to pay for a new car. Kineto Wireless knows that there are many other people out there like us, and just announced that they have an updated version of their Smart Wi-Fi app for Android handsets, although you will need to have Android 2.2 Froyo (and above, of course) to run it. Based on the 3GPP UMA/GAN standard, it is capable of turning any Wi-Fi hotspot into an extension of a carrier’s network, delivering a seamless phone call regardless of whether cellular coverage is spotty in that area or not. Why T-Mobile? Well, we spotted a video of a quick demo, where the phone in question was a Samsung Vibrant which is available via T-Mobile, now how about that?

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