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LG G-Slate gets Android 3.1 Honeycomb update
The LG G-Slate from T-Mobile has certainly been lacking when it comes to the Android 3.x Honeycomb update race, considering the Motorola XOOM as well as Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 have already received the update some time back. Nice to know that T-Mobile is not going to take things easily, where they just announced the availability of an Android 3.1 Honeycomb update coming our way sometime today at best, or […]

T-Mobile LG Flip II spotted?
What you see above might very well be the LG Flip II that is said to arrive on T-Mobile’s networks. Of course, this is not the first sighting of the device, where it was leaked back in May via a roadmap, and people do think that this particular model does in fact, match up with the leaked image which was released a month after that. There were rumors going around […]

T-Mobile HTC Wildfire S to ship with Gingerbread?
T-Mobile’s upcoming Wildfire S has been spotted in the past, where some folks called it the HTC Marvel. Since it has already passed the FCC earlier this month, it makes perfect sense that this smartphone is really close to a commercial release – and here we have it, a leaked specifications sheet from T-Mobile about the HTC Marvel, or should we say, the Wildfire S.The original HTC Wildfire was a […]

T-Mobile MyTouch 4G to receive Android 2.3 Gingerbread update
The T-Mobile MyTouch 4G has been one of the more popular Android-powered handsets over at the mobile carrier, and we’re pleased to bring you news that handset manufacturer, HTC, has announced that they will be rolling out an Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for the MyTouch 4G in due time.It seems that a customer who contacted HTC tech support and asked about the MyTouch 4G’s Android 2.3 update, only to be […]


T-Mobile Sidekick 4G is alive and kicking
Every hero needs a sidekick, and anyone who is looking for a smartphone will, well you know where we’re heading with this – need a Sidekick too – a Sidekick 4G in this case. The handset itself is developed by Samsung and will run on the Android operating system, where it is touted to be one of T-Mobile’s fastest smartphones to date, and is capable of working on theoretical peak […]

T-Mobile introduces 10GB webConnect mobile broadband plan
With all the (bad) news that is going on around us that might put a damper in your daily groove, here is something to perk up your day – we’re talking about T-Mobile’s introduction of their overhauled webConnect mobile broadband plans for both 3G and 4G-capable devices. This time around, you will get a new 10GB monthly plan, spanking new discounts for current T-Mobile subscribers, and the exclusion of overage […]

T-Mobile offers Valentine's Day giveaways
Every company should have a unique selling point, otherwise what makes one different from another? It is the same as choosing a spouse – he or she will need certain characteristics that you’re looking for, and vice versa, before walking down the aisle. T-Mobile intends to rain on Verizon’s iPhone 4 parade with their latest offer – a Valentine’s Day giveaway which includes newer handsets such as the Samsung Vibrant […]

T-Mobile's upcoming Samsung Galaxy S variant hits FCC without HSPA+
While the original Galaxy S for T-Mobile having jumped through the hoops of the FCC back in June last year, here is another variant that will make a stop at the FCC all over again. What is different from its predecessor would be the lack of HSPA+ connectivity, where it is also known as the SGH-T959V. Being similar to the Samsung Vibrant in its outlook where external design is concerned, […]

T-Mobile Netherlands offers free iPhone unlocks
The Dutch tend to do things differently, and if the latest news of a mobile carrier from the Netherlands is anything to go by, you know it will offers an alternative viewpoint from what most people are normally used to. After all, a city that legalizes grass is definitely revolutionary from a certain vantage point, right? We just have word that T-Mobile Netherlands is willing to unlock your iPhone for […]

T-Mobile throws in Inception with your Vibrant Plus
Are you a fan fo Leonardo diCaprio and his cohort in the movie Inception? Well, we’re glad to let you know that T-Mobile intends to promote their Samsung Vibrant Plus 4G phone by including the movie inside for viewing right out of the box. The only plausible reason that they would do that which we can think of is to showcase its 4″ Super AMOLED touch screen display at 480 […]

FCC checks out T-Mobile bound Nokia 1616
Now this piece of news is as exciting as knowing that many people will be popping party streamers when the clock strikes 12 midnight today to usher in the new year, but it is news nonetheless. The FCC have taken the Nokia 1616 for a spin and found it more than worthy to be arriving Stateside via T-Mobile. If everything goes hunky dory, then it will probably be part of […]

T-Mobile trumpets fastest data performance in top 100 US markets
Just earlier today, the ITU did allow LTE, WiMax and HSPA+ or any evolved 3G technology to be known as 4G. This certainly works well in T-Mobile’s favor who is doing all their best to push its HSPA+ network, making it America’s largest 4G network on paper. According to T-Mobile, they aren’t going to stop there, as an independent third-party recently claimed that T-Mobile is in possession of the fastest […]

myTouch 3G Froyo 2.2 update works on the T-Mobile G1
Here’s a pop quiz – which is the first Android-powered smartphone to hit the market? Well, no prizes for folks who blurted out the T-Mobile G1. This grand-daddy of them all might not have an official Android 2.2 Froyo update, but that has not stopped more enterprising folks to port over the recently released myTouch 3G’s Android 2.2 Froyo update to the G1. To make matters more interesting, everything on […]

T-Mobile to offer Dell Mini 10 4G
T-Mobile has already rolled out its 4G data networks across various city in the US, so it makes perfect sense for the company to introduce the Dell Mini 10 which has been updated to support 4G connectivity. Basically, this technology that allows you to surf online faster than ever before when you’re away from a Wi-Fi network makes it easier to be more efficient since it means you can finish […]