Verizon Stores Preparing For R2-D2 Droid 2 Midnight Launch

Verizon stores are busy gearing up for the September 30th launch of the special edition R2-D2 Droid 2 Android-powered phone, with midnight costume parties approved too. Pricing hasn’t been officially announced, but we do know that about 100 stores have been given the green light to open late on the 29th to bring in the crowds. Supply of the phone will be limited, and it was earlier mentioned that only 50,000 units of this special edition phone were made. In case you’re planning to purchase this and keep it unopened to resell 20 years down the line, you’ll be happy to hear thatyou will apparently be able to activate the device without removing it from the box or packaging. That being said, if you want to keep 20 of these, you’ll need to dig deep, as Verizon will be limiting each customer to just two phones.

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