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Opera Mini And Mobile Get Cryptocurrency Mining Protections
Cryptocurrency values have skyrocketed over the past few months and this has caused a lot of bad apples to try and take advantage of the situation at others’ expense. It’s not uncommon for websites to include scripts now that hijack a user’s CPU resources in order to mine cryptocurrencies. Opera recently added cryptocurrency mining protections to its desktop web browser earlier this month and it’s now rolling out similar functionality […]

Opera Mini Beta Lets User Switch Color Themes
There are brands and products out there that you can probably associate with color. For example if you see a blue soda can used in a cartoon or TV show, you might assume it is Pepsi, or Coca-Cola if it is red. The same can be said for software applications, like how Opera’s browsers tend to feature a red theme.

Opera Mini For Android Now Comes With An Ad Blocker
One of the things we love about Android is the ability to do all sorts of things we want with the phone, thanks to the bevy of tools and tweaks available for the platform. One of those tools is the ability to block ads, something that Android has been doing a long time before iOS ever got the feature.

Opera Mini Update On Windows Phone Not Expected In Near Future
Well, this is far from surprising – we do know that the market share of Windows Phone over in the US has dropped significantly as reported in the middle of last year, which in the first place, the mobile operating itself already had a rather small market share compared to the two behemoths slugging it out – Android and iOS. Well, this bit of news that one should not expect […]


Opera Has No Major Updates Planned For Windows Phone
Even though the Opera Mini browser for Windows Phone got its most recent update a couple of weeks ago, the company behind this browser has said that it currently has “no major updates planned” for its browser on Windows Phone. That’s despite the fact that Opera Mini has only been available on Microsoft’s mobile platform for less than a year.

Android Receives Opera Mini's Integrated Video Compression
Viewing videos, regardless of whether you are doing so on a computer at home or on a mobile device, tends to consume a whole lot of data for sure. The thing is, on a home broadband or fiber service, that is negligible due to the amount of bandwidth one has at one’s disposal, but your monthly mobile data plan will definitely be throttled sooner than you think. Well, Opera intends […]

Opera Mini For Android Updated With Data Compression
If you surf the web very heavily on your mobile device while you’re outside, chances are it will eat rather deeply into your data cap. Now if you’d rather not run out of data by the end of the month, you might want to consider the Opera Mini browser for your Android phone. The browser has recently been updated with data compression technology.Now it should be noted that prior to […]

Opera Mini 8 For Android Brings Major Changes
The Opera Mini browser has its own dedicated user base. Millions of people around the globe use this browser on their devices, and those who use it on Android are in for a treat today. The company has released a revamped version of its browser for Android which brings major changes to the table. The plethora of new features are likely to attract new features, and stop old ones from […]

Opera Mini For Windows Phone Beta Gets Updated
It looks as though the beta of Opera Mini for Windows Phone has just been spotted with a brand new update, where the version number would now be bumped up to version, making it the second update to roll out since its general release. While the app itself was released quite recently, a fair number of users have already issued complaints about Opera Mini for Windows Phone crashing right […]

Opera Mini For Windows Phone Enters Into Public Beta
When it comes to mobile browsers, there are plenty that users can choose from. They can choose to use the default browsers installed on their phones, or they can go with third-party alternatives if they feel that it can get the job done better or if there are features in these browsers that they can’t live without.The good news for Windows Phone users, who might have been a little jealous […]

Opera Mini 8 On iOS Revamped
Once in a while, selected apps will get an update in an effort by the developers to ensure that it remains ahead of the rest of the competition, and the Opera Mini browser on iOS is no different. In fact, Opera Software has just introduced a complete makeover in the latest Opera Mini on iOS, so much so that Opera Mini 8 happens to be the “biggest update” for the […]

Opera Mini 8 Offers Private Mode, Night Mode, New Looks
Opera Mini, which so happens to be the browser version that casts a glance at older devices which happen to still run on Java-based platforms, has been given an update to bump up the version number to version 8. This is not just new wine in an old wineskin, but rather, it will boast of a restyled look as well as features that deliver the best in your mobile phone. […]

Opera Mini for Android 7.5 browser released
If you happen to be rocking to a smartphone that relies on the Android operating system, then I am quite sure that there is this particular browser which you have a soft spot for. Some folks might settle for the stock browser that came with the operating system, others would immediately head on to Google Play and download their favorite third party browser. For fans of Opera Mini, you will […]

Opera Mini 6.5 on BlackBerry App World
BlackBerry users have long been able to enjoy the Opera Mini browser for some time already, but this time around, there is a spanking new version in town – with the version number being bumped up to 6.5. Of course, you can always opt to download this particular version straight from Opera’s mobile website (, but if you prefer to take a different route, then Opera Mini 6.5 can also […]