Best Buy charges $30 to upgrade your PS3 firmware

It is news like this – hearing of Best Buy charging a whopping $30 to upgrade your Sony PS3 firmware to that of 3.50, that really makes our blood boil. Isn’t that taking advantage of customers who aren’t too tech savvy and need a little extra help? Have stores like Best Buy lost their conscience in the name of profits that they can’t even provide help on something as simple (relatively speaking, of course) to upgrade the PS3 firmware? That’s what is happening at a Best Buy in New York, where purchasing a new 120GB PS3 with the latest firmware update will see a $30 price premium attached to it. We have no idea on how many people would actually sign up for this “program”, but why not let us tell you how to get it done. Go to the system menu, select system updates and start downloading the firmware – as long as your PS3 is hooked up to the Internet, of course.

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