Epson Endeavor ST150E delivers performance in minute form factor

Epson understands that many people these days live in rather cramped spaces simply because they can’t afford expensive (and expansive) pieces of land, which means maximizing the space you have is of utmost importance. With the Endeavor ST150E from Epson, this nettop might be around twice as tall, but with good reason – it allows one to choose from a wide range of Intel processors, starting from a lowly Celeron P4600 while hitting a high-end Core i7-640M. Not only that, it has enough space to hold a DVD-R/W drive, up to 8GB RAM, a 640GB hard drive or a 64GB SSD, and amazingly enough, power consumption as low as 16 watts. Pricing starts from $800 upwards, but if you decide to go for the whole works, you might be looking at $2,300 worth of damage to your bank account.

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