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Epson’s PaperLab Lets You Recycle Paper In The Office
[CEATEC 2016] As much as we try to go paperless by going digital, there will always be instances in which paper is needed for certain documents. After all there are still many who believe in keeping hard copies of documents instead of going 100% digital. In light of this, there have been various suggestions made in the past as to how one might be able to try and reduce wastage.

Epson's Latest Projector Features HDR
HDR or High Dynamic Range is all the rage these days. You can get this technology on TVs and monitors, even gaming consoles are jumping on the bandwagon as this technology significantly improves the viewing experience. Epson is a major player in the projector market and today it has launched new projectors one of which features HDR.

Ubergizmo's Best of MWC 2016
Mobile World Congress 2016 is over, and it was a truly exciting time. One of the best trade show of the year, MWC 2016 didn’t disappoint. It was a struggle to see as many things as possible, but here are what we think are the heavy-hitters, and the absolute must see of this show. Handsets have the lion share of our “best of”, but computers, VR/AR equipment, and even robots […]

Epson Moverio BT-300 Smart Glasses with Augmented Reality
Smart glasses are hot again, but not for the consumer market, and we are all waiting for Google Glass to show up again for the enterprise segment, where HUD and AR glasses will bring the best value to the user experience. Intel is coming full force in that market with the amazing, powerful, and probably very expensive, Daqri helmet that launched at CES 2016 during the Intel keynote.Today, Epson, one […]


Epson’s EcoTank Printer Will Save You On Multiple Ink Refills
If there’s one thing we dislike about inkjet printers is the need to constantly buy new ink cartridges. This can be a costly process especially if you print a lot, but sometimes you just cannot help it. This sometimes results in users trying to micromanage their ink by only choosing important documents to print in color.However Epson has a solution for you in the form of the EcoTank. This is […]

Epson Unveils WorkForce WF-100 Wirless Mobile Printer
For those who travel a lot, printing documents on the go can be a bit tricky. You could always try your luck at an office supply store, or print a bunch at the office before heading out, but those are hardly the most efficient solutions. Well Epson is hoping to turn things around as they have recently announced the Epson WorkForce WF-100.According to the company, they are claiming that this […]

APX Labs Enterprise Software for Smart Glasses and Myo Armband
APX Labs are the developer of the Skylight Platform, a software that companies use to create smart glasses applications. During a briefing at DreamForce conference, APX Labs CEO Brian Ballard showed me a demo of the integration of an application for maintenance powered by Sales Force and integrated with APX Labs software on Google Glass and the Myo gesture UI armband (see my photo in the full article and check […]

Seiko Epson's Projector Offers Touch Sensitive Screen
Are all projectors created equal? Apparently not, as evident by this Seiko Epson EB-595WT wall-mounted projector. The big question is, what makes the Seiko Epson EB-595WT so different from the rest that it deserves a special mention? Well, the Seiko Epson EB-595WT makes its mark from the crowded projector market by offering the unique ability to be operated simply by touching a projected screen with your finger, which is a […]

Epson Moverio BT-200 Smart Glasses Announced
When we talked about the first transparent wearable augmented reality technology by Metaio earlier this week, it was mentioned that the Epson Moverio BT-200 did play a starring role. Well, the Epson Moverio BT-200 intends to go one up on its predecessor, the Epson Moverio BT-100, by coming in a new and improved version that will boast of a full projected display which spans across both lenses.

M-Tracer Device Analyzes Your Golf Swings
Practice, practice, and more practice – there are just no two ways about it when it comes to being the best at something. Natural talent and ability will only get you so far after all, and everything else would hinge on you making the best of the situation. I am quite sure that many of us have heard of the hours of unseen practice put in by star athletes, celebrated […]

Epson Pulsense Line Announced
[CES 2014] Fitness products seem to be catching on these days, and some companies would definitely want to jump aboard the bandwagon so that they will not miss any opportunity should the gravy train pull ahead without them. Epson has looked into the world of fitness devices, where they have announced its Pulsense range of watches and wristbands for fitness, health, and wellness monitoring. The Pulsense would be worn on […]

Epson Connect Printers Synchronize Wirelessly With Kindle Tablets
Epson has just made an announcement concerning its Connect printers which are touted to be able to synchronize sans wires with a couple of tablets from Amazon, namely the Kindle Fire HD as well as the Kindle Fire HDX. What does this mean for the end user? Basically, owners of either tablet will be able to print out their important documents without having to worry about the hassle of hooking […]

Over 100 Epson Printer Models Now Support Apple AirPrint
Apple’s AirPrint is now supported by more than 100 Epson printer models, and if you love being exact, we are talking about 105 printers from Epson in total. Just what is AirPrint all about? Well, AirPrint basically makes it a snap to print emails, photos, web pages, and documents straight from the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, all without the need to hook up software, drivers or cables. This would […]

Epson 0.48-inch Camera Viewfinder Display Sports 1,024 x 768 Resolution
It seems that the new buzzword when it comes to touting the quality of a display on a piece of consumer electronics would be the pixel density, and the higher it is, the better, of course. Well, Epson might have the jump on the iPad’s 264 pixels-per-inch or the Google Nexus 10′s 299 ppi displays, considering how they have managed to roll out a new display that boasts a whopping […]