epson_paperlabs[CEATEC 2016] As much as we try to go paperless by going digital, there will always be instances in which paper is needed for certain documents. After all there are still many who believe in keeping hard copies of documents instead of going 100% digital. In light of this, there have been various suggestions made in the past as to how one might be able to try and reduce wastage.

Some include reusing paper on both sides, or not throwing away misprinted copies and use them for scrap paper, and so on. However if you want a more hi-tech way of going green, Epson’s PaperLab could be the way to go about it. This is a machine that has been designed for in-office use and what it does is that it actually recycles paper within your own office.

So how does it work? Basically the machine will break down the documents that are placed inside of it and turn them into long, thin, cotton-like fibers. It then adds binding agents which users can then choose the strength, color, size, and even the fragrance of the recycled paper, and the best part is that by breaking it down that way, it also helps to destroy any sensitive information on there.

According to Epson, it will take about a minute to produce about 14 sheets of A4 recycled paper, which amounts to about 6,720 sheets in an 8-hour work day. PaperLabs is expected to be released by the end of 2016 in Japan. Other markets outside of Japan are being considered, but nothing has been confirmed.

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