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VIA ARTiGO A1150 nettop offers the bare essentials
Size does matter – and sometimes for certain things, you want it large, while others prefer it to be as small as possible, depending on the context and situation which we are talking about. VIA’s latest nettop that falls under the barebones category would be the VIA ARTiGO A1150, where this dual-core PC kit is a DIY package that targets enthusiasts who love to spend their spare time tinkering around […]

Giada F100 is a mini PC with a fanless design
JEHE, a Chinese company, has announced their latest offering, extending their Giada series of nettops through the introduction of the F100 mini PC. For those who use their computers mainly for surfing the web, word processing and playing songs, this is the target market that JEHE is aiming for with the F100, although at this point in time there is no word on how much it will cost.

Acer Revo 100 Nettop with Now Shipping
Acer is now shipping the Revo 100 nettop to Europe, which uses the company’s home networking system for easy file share. The Acer Revo 100 uses an AMD Athlon II Neo dual-core processor and an NVIDIA Ion GPU for 1080p video playback. Various configurations are offered, with a high-end model offering an integrated TV tuner or Blu-ray drive. WiFi and ethernet support, 4 GB DDR RAM, 750 GB HDD, […]

Epson Endeavor ST150E delivers performance in minute form factor
Epson understands that many people these days live in rather cramped spaces simply because they can’t afford expensive (and expansive) pieces of land, which means maximizing the space you have is of utmost importance. With the Endeavor ST150E from Epson, this nettop might be around twice as tall, but with good reason – it allows one to choose from a wide range of Intel processors, starting from a lowly Celeron […]


TwinTech TwinBox nettop has dual core Atom, ION 2 chipset within
TwinTech’s TwinBox nettop is certainly able to mix it up with the best of nettops out there, thanks to a dual core Intel Atom D525 processor as well as an NVIDIA ION 2 graphics chipset. Retailing for around $465 after conversion, the TwinBox will also be aided by 2GB RAM, a choice between a 250GB or 500GB hard drive, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a 6-in-1 memory card reader, HDMI, S/PDIF […]

Acer Aspire Revo AR3700 announced at nigh affordable price point
Acer just announced its Aspire Revo AR3700 Stateside, and it is nice to see the nettop hit the market via a pre-order state on as well as, retailing for less than $350. That’s pretty pocket friendly, and it ought to be good enough for most folks who want an ordinary computing machine without breaking the bank. After all, its performance shouldn’t be too shabby with an Intel dual […]

CompuLab fit-PC2 gets new model, still as small as ever
CompuLab’s fit-PC2 holds the distinction of being one of the smallest nettops to be released to date, and the fact that it doesn’t even need a fan to run makes it all the more remarkable. No fan means less noise, and the natural airflow itself as well as heat dissipation method(s) employed ought to be efficient enough to work as it is without overheating. A new model (fit-PC2i) has just […]

Giada Tech Slim i30 nettop makes appearance at FCC
Just because a device makes its way to the FCC, that doesn’t mean it will be appearing in the US market. For those who have high hopes of seeing the Giada Tech Slim i30 nettop make its way to store shelves in this part of the world, you might want to keep the champagne corked for a little bit longer. While it has already made its way in Asia and […]

Jetway Mini Top HBJC600C99-52W-BW - nettop is a mouthful to spell
Here’s a pointer when you want to name your piece of hardware – it would be best to avoid something called the Jetway Mini Top HBJC600C99-52W-BW, which is a real mouthful even for the seasoned techie. Why not just call it the Jetway Mini for short? This nettop comes with a slim form factor, albeit being rather plain the outside. Within, it is pretty utilitarian, offering a dual core Intel […]

Stealth offers tiny nettop, slightly larger than iPhone
What is that the iPhone is resting on? Well, it is a nettop – yes, you can pick up your jaw from the floor now. Stealth has come up with this tiny machine known as the LPC-100, where it is encased in an aluminum shell. The base model will be poweed by a dual-core Celeron T3100 at 1.9Ghz, although with a little bit of additional dough, you can choose to […]

Novo Colored Glaze nettop looking good
Novo of China has come up with a Colored Glaze nettop which will certainly stand out from its rivals in terms of design, boasting a clear (or tinted if that’s your cup of tea) chunk of plastic up at the front, giving it a much more aesthetically pleasing view compared to the standard desktop design. Make no mistake about it, this is purely decorative and does not have any actual […]

ViewSonic VOT125 PC Mini ready to rock and roll
ViewSonic has rolled out its latest VOT125 PC Mini, where this nettop is ready to fulfil your order request by coming in a compact form factor that will definitely work well with folks who are limited by the amount of space at home or at the office. Featuring a green-centric design, the VOT125 PC mini uses up to 90% less plastic and consumes up to 90% less energy than traditional […]

Zotac ZBOX Nettop Goes On Sale In Japan
Do you remember the dual-core Zotac ZBOX nettop that we covered a few weeks back? Well, if you live in Japan and have been thinking about getting it, the barebones model will be going on sale in Japan early next month (which is just around the corner, mind you). The nettop will be priced around 25,000-30,000 Yen ($268 – $321). Being a barebones configuration, you’ll need to purchase your own […]

Asus EeeTop ET2010 Range Goes Official
Asus has officially announced its range of EeeTop ET2010 range of PCs. The range includes five models, the 2010AG, 2010AGT, 2010P, 2010PN and 2010PNT. The common factor amongst all these models is that they offer a 20-inch display and a DVD burner. The rest of the specifications vary, ranging from AMD and Intel CPUs, Intel, ATI and NVIDIA graphic offerings. You can check out the spec comparison from the official […]